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My doc has put on my print off of my bloods as excellent please have a look


Feeling awful can't sleep, no appetite, jittery and exhausted together bloods

TSH 12.420,

T4 17.6,

no T3,

Vitamin B12 339,

folic acid 8.5,

Ferritin 141

and my doc has put underneath the results excellent so why am I feeling so bad. Felt like I was going to pass out in work today I feel really drained but my body feels jittery inside like it won't rest. I've been through a lot of stress over the past two months but all that had passed and then just over two weeks ago I started to feel all of these symptoms. My TSH in Dec was 5.48 and T4 17.2 at the end of March TSH 23.250 T4 16.5 last results that I've posted above are just back from 3rd April. My meds have been increased to 100 eltroxin per day from 75 to 100 alternate days I'm seeing endo tomorrow I really hope he can help me I can't go on feeling like this. Anyone any ideas as to what I can ask him and why does my doc never do my. T3 do I ask endo to do this tomorrow. I'm 51 post menopause. Thanks

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Yes see whether you can persuade your endo to test your T3. Also there should be ranges to go with these results as different labs have different ranges. Your TSH is still way too high so it looks as though you are under medicated. However your T4 level isn't all that bad (assuming a typical range of 12-22). There's plenty of room for improvement though. I wouldn't be surprised if you are not converting T4 to T3 effectively but without a T3 test result you can't know.

Mauds in reply to eeng

Thanks don't know if they do t3 test in Ireland but I'll give it a go


You should be given enough medication to bring your TSH down. One eminent Endocrinologist says below 1 or suppressed. Yours is far too high. I hope the person you see tomorrow is better than your GP who pronounces your test as excellent. Maybe he will be respond to being asked if you can add some T3 to T4.


Get another GP - yours is crazy, or must have missed the Thyroid lecture.

A TSH of 12.42 is high (THE Gold standard test which THEY take notice of!) yet you are on 100 µg Thyroxine?

Your pituitary is telling your Thyroid to produce more hormone - and your symptoms are likely a result of low thyroid production.

FT4 - no ranges to tell - ask for FT3 tomorrow & TPO antibodies (to confirm Hashimotos autoimmune thyroid)

B12 should be over 500 to feel well - c. 40% of 'roidys are low in B12 according to this study (one of many) -

(this alone will make you wobbly - Folic acid connected - & non meat -eaters very prone)

Ferritin (stored iron) some say above 90 - so good (one example range 12-150 ng/mL for females.) - maybe the GP only understood this one!

Good luck tomorrow - also ask for a Vit D test too (& calcium)

Jane :D

Mauds in reply to Hidden

Endo was useless he's put me on thybon 20 and reduced my eltroxin down to 75. Take the thybon in morn and eltroxin at night. Didn't even take my T3 brushed me off about my B12 feeling bloody awful on this new meds have no energy feel completely drained and he won't see me for 8 weeks. I had to go back to doc Thursday and told him how lousy I felt took more bloods and included t3 get results Monday but sure they'll be all over the place now caus I've been taking the thybon for the past two weeks. Can you recommend a good vitimin B12 supplement as I know my doc won't recommend one. Thanks

suki65 in reply to Mauds

hi Mauds you can buy vitamin b12 1,000ug from holland and barrett or online Holland & Barrett

Timed Release Vitamin B-12 (1000ug) and vitamin d with calcium will also help you give it 3 months while taking them and you will see a difference but be patient as it will take time as it did with me i went against my specialist ,but now im nearly back to great health good luck

suki65 in reply to Mauds

could it be b12 ? a great book with lots of advice

Mauds in reply to Hidden

My folic is 8.5 is that ok or do I need to supplement thanks

Hidden in reply to Mauds

Hi Mauds - sorry I've been away and didn't see your reply

The Thybon is T3 - do you feel better on this? many do!

You could ask for an Active B12 test (better than the normal serum one) before supplementing

B12 works with folate, and B complex for optimal effect. Have you got your serum folate range? (mines 2-19 ug/L - but yours could be very different).

J :D

please sign the TUK petition here!

Mauds in reply to Hidden

Still feeling drained with no energy. Hoping to get my doc to give me B12 injections as my B12 is 380 not holding out much hope. only have my ferritin 141 and folic acid 8.5. Thanks

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