Nutri Adrenal & Betain

Nutri Adrenal & Betain

well these both came today so I hope I can use and start feeling different and better... I don't feel any energy getting out of bed but gain energy towards the end of the day.. I read that's adrenal fatigue for you! I didn't have the time to test and get the results for Endo appt Aug 2nd.. Plus I can give the nutri Adrenal a go if it doesn't help it doesn't... Anyone had any success with the Adrenal stuff I have bought? The betaine will be helpful 😊 I take t3 at around 7AM

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  • scorpio,

    Go easy on the NA. Many find it extremely helpful but some members have complained of spaciness and weird head feelings.

    Maybe just start with half a pill a day and see how you go for a week, and then increase slowly.

    Take Betaine & Pepsin with your meals .. particularly meaty dinners.

    T4 doesn't matter so much but T3 is too low. TSH is too high . Many members function best with a TSH of around 1.0 and T3 in upper third of range.

    No thyroid antibodies. CRP shows inflammation in the body.

    Keep supplementing as all nutrients are still low.


    Betaine Dosage

  • ok will do that... What's the GPs treatment for Adrenals? Do you know please? I will start low... Is it too late to take Geneva test at some point if the NA helps? Thanks x😊

  • scorpio,

    I don't know what you mean.

    Doctors don't consider overworked adrenals... only Addisons or Cushings Disease. In their eyes there is no middle ground.

    Supplementing NA will skew a Genova Saliva Stress Test but you must have a base line from a previous test result ? ? .....

    It is not advisable to supplement adrenal supports without knowing cortisol levels ? Your doctor will (most likely) never have heard of glandulars.

  • No I haven't tested for them before... I just feel that the sluggishness first thing fits in... I don't have masses of energy the rest of the day but do feel the best before bed... Other stuff too... I have taken half a tablet and would like to take the test, so should I not take NA until I do the test? Thanks 😊

  • scorpio,

    Supplementing NA will skew your saliva test results.

    If you are testing to get a base line (a true picture of your cortisol output) you shouldn't take NA until after the test.

  • will it be ok after just the one? I took it this morning... I can order test today and take it next week, or have I messed it up by taking one tablet today... Thanks 😊

  • Taking one tablet will be fine scorpio.

  • Can't say it's done a lot apart from a little light headed maybe... No more energy... So I will get the test today.. Thank you for taking the time 😊 x

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