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Nutri Adrenal Extra

Hello all,

After seeing Dr P a few weeks ago he advised starting on NAX for 7 days then reintroducing my Erfa.

I've been reading that you should take adrenal cortex only as it doesn't have the hornones otherwise you get far too much adrenaline from whole adrenal gland extract. Does anyone know anything more about this?

Also I'm on day 5 of NAX, day 3 was amazing. I had 2 decent stretches of the day when I felt normal. But yesterday I was back to square one, feeling terrible. Looks like today might be the same. Has anyone had success on NAX? and how long did it take? I really want to get back to work, I've had a month off now and in my current state there is no way I could return.


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It does take a while but it's good that you have already experienced a couple of good days.

A lot of people do very well with NAX. I took it for a while and found it to be good. It took a while to feel better though. Some people do find that they do better with adrenal cortex only but I was fine with NAX.

During your two good days did you do more because you wee feeling better? Sometimes this happens and it can knock you back a bit temporarily. Try to rest for the next couple of days and see how you go and I hope you have some more good days soon.

Carolyn x


Carolyn, I'm interested to hear the pattern you you describe, of doing more and as a result then getting more tired.

Over the past 18 months I think I've had 3 big cycles of starting starting to feel more well, increasing what I do, and then then having a slump and getting back to before the improvement, and then creeping back up again.

I'm wondering whether this kind of pattern might be related to adrenal stress. Or whether it's just just how delayed fatigue works, with the crash coming weeks after the exertion happened. It's such a stressful pattern, because it means I'm afraid to take advantage of improvements to to go out and have a life (I'm largely housebound). Any comments or advice anyone has about that greatly appreciated :)


Thanks for replying Carolyn. It was one day feeling better (2 sections of the day I felt completely normal!) I did do too much, managed to make breakfast, wash up and chat to friends!!!!

I'll persevere with it and I'll be resting these next few days. I'm going to try and be a bit more careful if I have another good day and try to take it easier.

Fingers crossed this will help me get better. Just need to be patient.

Thanks again

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I didn't do well on NAX , and got increasingly anxious on upping the dose at Dr P s recommendation. It wasn't until I read something on here connecting it from someone else that I began to suspect it wasn't helping. Now take adrenal cortex only and though im still struggling with lots of other issues , it has helped adrenals better than NAX . However one thing right for me may not be for you ! Good luck x

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I'm also currently starting out on a course of NAX (natty name, I hadn't thought of shortening it). I just increased my dose at the two week point.

I think I've felt benefits. Probably not as early as day 2, but in week 1 I had a few flashes of improvement. It's hard to tell because I've had an awful stomach flu and haven't been eating at all for the 2nd week. But even thru that illness and weakness I've felt more myself. I think some brain fog I didn't know was there has lifted!

But it's early days, yet. I'm also curious to hear about other people's experiences.

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Good luck with it Silver Avocado. Thanks for your experience Amanda, I'll see it through with NAX and if no luck I'll try cortex. X


Like the others say it works for some and others not. Go by how you feel. If you feel your adrenaline's increased since taking it, then switch to adrenal cortex. I've taken Thorne's cortex in the past and found it helpful in alleviating the tiredness and fatigue. I'm presently taking Nutri Adrenal and haven't yet felt the same benefit but my thyroid med & hormone level needs fine tuning, they're totally up the spout at the moment, so it's hard to say what I'm benefitting or not benefitting from at the moment.

But like you, I started feeling an improvement and most probably pushed it and did a bit more than I have been and now I'm in crash mode again. It's hideous to feel the debilitating crushing fatigue again. So I will also take CarolynB's advise of resting properly to try and get back on track again. I too want to return to work. I've been off for 3 months now and was hoping to return this coming week, as I felt I would be capable with my improved feeling last week. But alas no, not yet. I think it's going to be a while until I return, as there seems no energy reserve in place to fall back on yet. It's so tough going isn't it and extremely frustrating! I'm now having to put a plan in place for finances in view of probably having a lot longer off work yet. Good luck, I feel for you and know exactly where you're coming from. x

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I haven't noticed any adrenaline issues at the mo, but I wouldn't know hugely what I'm looking for with that.

HEA72, I hope your daughters birthday went ok. I hope so, I was thinking about you.

It's reassuring to know I have something to fall back on if the NAX doesn't work. Eventually something will and I guess it's just taking it easy until then.

I know you'll get there again HEA72, you did before and you will again :-)

I've ordered a book by Dr Michael Lam which describes exactly what you have about having no reserves.

I hope you start seeing the baby steps again



Silver avocado, I think the cycles of crashes after starting to feel a bit better and as a result doing more is to do with the adrenals. Everything I've read on adrenals links in with this pattern. The adrenals simply don't have the reserves to call on when activity increases. Not sure of the way round it, I've started doing restorative yoga poses so at least when I'm doing nothing I'm helping myself heal (hopefully)


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