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New results help please

New results help please

I have just had some new bloods done by Blue Horizon would really appreciate some advice on meds from all you very knowledgeable peeps.

I have just added in T3 to my T4 on endos advice and prescribed now by my GP have been taking 100mcg of T4 and 25mcg of T3 ( split into 2 X 12.5 mcg per day ) for about 6 weeks. I was previously taking 125 mcg T4 and feeling rough (weight gain, tired, muscle pain and weakness, brain fog ,hair dry and breaking ) I introduced T3 slowly 6.25 mcg for 2 weeks gradually increasing to present. Initially I felt a huge improvement but slowly my tiredness has returned and some brain fog and also itchy red eyes .Am I over medicated ?

I also supplement with Vit D, K2, B12, B complex, Selenium Gentle Iron and VitC and am gluten free for past 2 months.

I am wondering if I need to reduce T3 ( or T4 ) to maybe 20mcg as prescribed rather than 25 mcg I obtained myself prior to getting docs prescription just in case he refused!

Any advice much appreciated

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Kingsway1 As you have Hashimoto's (I see from your profile that you know this) and the nature of the beast is fluctuations in symptoms and results. You've done the right thing in being gluten free. Also good to see you are supplementing vits and mins. Are they good quality ones with good bioavailability. Cheap supplements have a lot of cheap ingredients and don't always do the job. Are you taking your iron 4 hours away from your thyroid meds? And are you taking your thyroid meds on an empty stomach, with water, and waiting an hour before food?

I'm not medically qualified but my opinion is that I don't think you're over medicated with those results, your TSH is just under range but that's to be expected with a treated hypo patient anyway. Your FT3 might be just a bit high compared with your FT4. Maybe just a bit of tweaking with your meds might help. Your FT4 should be in the upper third of the range and FT3 in the upper quarter (which they basically are) and the ratio of FT4:FT3 should be 4:1 or less, which it is. However, it might help to do as you suggest, just drop the T3 a tad to 20mcg and see how it goes. I wouldn't be decreasing the Levo.


Thank you Seasidesusie really appreciate your advice x


I'm not medically qualified either, but you aren't over medicated.

You are supplementing with all the right things. Were you low before? Because apart from the fact that two months isn't long I would suspect nutritional causes for your symptoms.


Ruthi thank you so much my results on 20/4 on 100 mcg of Levo only were

TSH 3.79 ( 0.35-4.50 )

FT3 4 ( 3.5 - 6.5 )

FT4 14.7 ( 11-23 )

Serum B12 323ng/l ( 161-531)

Ferritin 39. (22 - 332)

Folate 10.8 (2.9- 16.9)

VitD 49 (30-50)

Endo then wrote to GP advising I add 20 mcg T3 but he didn't prescribe for several weeks so as I had sourced my own I began taking starting at 6.25 and building up to 12.5 X 2 per day

Endo also prescribed Vit D and I added in the others based on members advice and the gluten free.

My TOO antibodies were 772 (0-60) on 20/4 so appear to have reduced .

Do you think I should continue on same meds ?


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