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Can anyone help with ANTITYROID THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY test results

After 30 years suffering from thyroid problem I made my antibody tests and results are scaring. I'm now on thyroxine 175 mcg.

My test shows ANTITYROID THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY is now 548.00 IU/mL when normal less than 40 IU/mL. Two month ago this THYROGLOBULIN was 180 IU/ml.

All other results are fine.

May be you know why this ANTITYROID THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY is so high and why it's jumpinhg. I will appreciate any of your advice how to fix this problem.

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Hi olgadimitri, there can be a few reasons why your antibodies are high but for me I really the biggest factor is your diet. Are you gluten free?

It is believed that any of us with an Autoimmune Disease have Intestinal Permiability 'Leaky Gut' - this can be caused by a few factors - toxins in out gut, food intolerances, low stomach acid etc. When the gut becomes permeable larger particles of protein that are not supposed to be in the bloodstream leak in and out Immune System sees them as invaders. Funnily enough the protein in Gluten is similar to the protein of our thyroid tissue and so the antibodies get confused and attack our thyroid instead.

You should consider a diet such as Paleo or Autoimme Paleo in order to heal your gut. I'm currently Paleo and love the increased energy I have, I will go full Autoimme Paleo following an upcoming holiday but so far I feel sooooooooo much better.

Hope this is of some help 🙏🏻


Thank you for your reply. Yes, last 2 month I'm on gluten free diet and that result looks like confusion. Strange why it's so high. Last time I was very careful with food and I took that vitamins and amino acids. Will see, maybe some other problems behind that.

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Antibodies are a sign of inflammation in the body so I guess it's a case of finding out what's causing the inflammation?

With regards to the gluten are you 100%, I know that wouldn't contribute to the rise but just make sure it's not creeping in somewhere else. With regards to diet could you have perhaps increased your milk intake.

Another cause of inflammation could be problems with your gut - a build up of toxins due to IBS, Candida, SIBO or parasites. Do you suffer from Digestive issues?


Very informative articles. Thanks a lot!

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