Case Study Needed Urgently

Thyroid UK has been approached by a high profile magazine for a case study of someone who has got well. This would raise the profile of not only Thyroid UK but also of the problems we face, especially as she doesn't mind what treatment you got well on ie it could be levothyroxine, T3 or natural thyroid hormone.

If you would be willing to speak to the journalist and have your photo taken in a studio having had hair and makup done (such hardship!), please contact us on 01255 820407 or as soon as possible. There are criteria, though, see below:

• Age: early to mid 30’s

• Battled to get a diagnosis

• Had an effect on your family/life

The interview will be done over the telephone and they would like you to send a photograph to them.

Do please get in touch immediately if you fit the criteria. They need someone as soon as possible!

Lyn Mynott

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  • I would have been up for it but am too old at 46 :( I fit the other criteria though :D xx

  • Hi Lynmynott,

    The biggest problem you have got, is finding someone who is now well! Not many of those about! Good luckx

  • To be fair, I think there are probably plenty, but they will most likely have better things to do than browse this forum :)

  • Like Clare, I would have done it but too old ;-) Are most folk who have battled this and finally come out the other side not older?

  • I'm sure that is the case... but I guess over forties don't sell 'high profile mags' :(

  • It's all about the audience! :( *sigh* xx

  • Seems its a bit ageist to me , they only want people who got a quick fix,not people who have endured lots of bad stuff

  • They have a target audience. :(


  • Ah well, probably just as well. I don't want to 'over-expose' myself! ;-) Youtube is quite bad enough.

  • I am well but too old for what they want. I look young though :-)

  • Wonder what *high profile* magazine it is . . :p

  • Not at liberty to say I'm afraid! ;-)


  • At 51 I am too old sadly but at the moment I am feeling well most days. Causing havoc on face book is a sign of this lol

  • WOW! I had you pegged as younger! ;-) Young at heart I think! ;-)


  • Unfortunately I am over the age limit too. However so far as the difference in my life now that I am treated correctly is overwhelming so are you sure they wouldnt want an older person?

    I was undiagnosed for 19 years. It has affected me, my family, my sanity, my working life and my health. I have gone from agoraphobic to almost normal and now feel I want to run marathons!

  • Unfortunately, it was the one thing that they were strict about! :-( How FAR over are you, we may be able to push the point..!? Ta



  • It depends just how 'well' they want someone to be?? I get on with life but don't feel as good as I used to, however, I am 32 and went on to have another child with no problem at all once on thyroxine. Once I saw a good GP I got diagnosed OK (well she did a retest 3 months after a borderline test result) - I did discover though that 2 years prior with a TSH of 6.6 they diagnosed PND instead.

  • Can you drop Lyn an email please to discuss whether you would be suitable. Thanks! :-)



  • I have done this

  • I could add that when I was first diagnosed and treated I did feel well and look better for a good while, more recently feeling a bit symptomatic again bit not that it stops me doing anything (no choice really with 2 kids and bills to pay).

  • I think for another door to be open, we should really be looking for someone that has recovered on T3 only or NDT. Showing an article on somebody who has recovered on T4 will only fuel what doctors think, that T4 treatment is the only option!

  • Thank you for your input.

    We are approached for people who fit a criteria, we have no input into the content or subject of the articles.


  • Hi buggles84, They do actually want someone who has got better on either levo, T3 or NDT.... that's why this would be an excellent piece! :-)

  • totaly agree buggles84 we all dont fit into one little box

    (deleted my last post it was in the wrong place )

  • Oh Oh Oh totally agree with that one!!! Great care must be taken I think NOT to have the Problem MASKED.

  • I'm 33, diagnosed age 10 with a TSH of over 90 but wasn't immediately started on treatment. But it only took a few months for them to decide to give me treatment. So didn't majorly struggle to get diagnosed but I did get copies of my medical records and saw that they weren't in a hurry to start me on treatment despite having a large goiter, strongly positive thyroid antibodies and the extremely high TSH - they thought perhaps it could be transient. They considered me not symptomatic but I was. Even had trouble breathing.

    My bigger issue is my treatment. My records also show that I was maintained in a hypothyroid state till I was 15 years old (TSH 5-7) then I was maintained in a hyperthyroid state till 18 (TSH 0.05) then hypothyroid (in my opinion) till I finished university age 23 (TSH 2.2 - 4.5). At this point I decided to do something about it and managed to get prescribed T3 and as a result my life/health/happiness improved massively. I had many symptoms/problems from 10-23 which I believe affected my life/relationships. I often wonder if my life would have been different if I had been on combination treatment with an optimum TSH form the start.

    Perhaps a better story would be the difficulty of thyroid patients to get adequate treatment even once diagnosed. Doctors withhold information like that thyroxine is not the only treatment and withhold treatments like NDT. I have recently been refused this. This is my next battle.

    My disease gave me an interest in immunology and I studied that at university and now do research in that area.

  • Thank you for your input.

    We are approached for people who fit a criteria, we have no input into the content or subject of the articles.




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