Case Study Needed

A TV production company is making a programme that is going to include people purchasing medications from the internet. They are looking for a case study who has purchased medications from the internet and then had side effects from them as the source isn’t reputable.

If anyone is interested in taking part in this programme, please contact me on 01255 820407 or

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  • I wonder if they are also going to cover all the people that buy medications from the internet and do much better than those the NHS prescribes while disregarding side effects, or if they are just doing a hatchet job on all internet purchased medications

  • I think this sounds like a scare-mongering, trust the NHS only, non-impartial "study". I suspect it will try to tar all internet pharmacies with the "not reputable" brush. I'd only be interested if I could put the opposite view - that it made me better when the NHS didn't even bother to try.

  • Even if you were able to put the opposite view during interviewing, your contribution could be edited afterwards to leave that bit out.

    I wouldn't want to take part in this myself. I'd be worried that reliable sources would disappear as a result of it.

  • I do hope that whoever participates does not divulge the source of the meds - we have had enough trouble sourcing meds as a direct result of nhs failings - and some good suppliers have been hounded to shut down sites. I don't like this one bit. Be smart people!

  • This sounds like a stinker! I wonder who gave this Tv production team the idea in the first place. Is this going to focus on thyroid meds or all meds? X

  • Ah ha -We are constantly being told not to purchase medications and supplements from the internet.....and I know that the government would like to be able to stop us all from doing so. What a shame that this television company is seeking a case study of a bad cynical and not convinced that they will present the opposite side.

    How about a programme on the problems and failings of purely using blood tests to make diagnosis rather that looking at the patient and their history as a whole. Or what about the fact that doctors are more focused these days on sticking to the rigid guidelines by NICE that they daren't move beyond them for fear of being hounded out of their profession. that would make a much better programme!!!

  • Given the experiences of many here (and I certainly include myself in that I suffered from the Teva incident), perhaps balance could be achieved if they investigated whether it is safer to get your medicines (of whatever sort) over the internet or from a regular UK pharmacy? My German Aliud appears to be very much more satisfactory than UK Actavis or Mercury Pharma.

    Playing with statistics, I suspect vastly more people in the UK have suffered from UK-pharmacy supplied medicines than from any bought over the internet. (All that really shows is that most people don't buy medicines over the internet. :-) but you know how these things get twisted.)


  • Internet Badness Shock Horror. :-)

  • I wouldn't go anywhere near this case study. I smell a very unpleasant rat behind this.

  • Hmmm - sounds like the sort of rigorous documentary that allowed Princess Ann to tell the nation that gassing badgers was a humane way to combat bovine TB. If it's on the telly, it must be true, eh? As if self-medicators don't have enough supply problems.

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