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Hi Everyone,

I've just spend an hour chatting to Jerome Burne about thyroid issues. He needs a case study of someone who was really poorly before they went onto T3, got their life back and who has now been refused T3 by their doctor/local CCG. He will need some info on how bad they were before and how it affected them.

If anyone is interested in being a case study and can fit this criteria, please email me:

Thank you!

Lyn Mynott

CEO, Thyroid UK

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Hi Lyn, would it be a good idea to put this on the T3 action site too I wonder?

Good idea! Will do that now.

I hope some people step up for this, a major newspaper = major coverage!

I wish I could help but alas I am not even on the NHS treatment bandwagon due to a "normal TSH" in their eyes lol

I'd really hate being in the press, I hate the limelight. But I'll email as I fit those criteria. We HAVE to push our case as much as possible. I do hope other people volunteer too, to show how many are affected by this

I need t3 and was extremely ill beforehand as cannot convert/utilise t4 - I however have not yet been refused t3 and have been on for nearly 15 years but I'm worried about T3 being up for review for removal so if I can help in anyway at all, I'm happy too.

However, I am might be a bad case study as many other problems didn't resolve until years later after going GF. However, before the T3, when on 175mcg t4, I was stuttering, lost my entire vocab (including the word hello) which I had to relearn over two years and had to repeat two years at uni because I couldn't write anything, got sacked from numerous jobs, had a digestive system that only did what it needs every 5-8 days sshhh lol, could not stay awake for more than 2-3 hours at a time if i got out of bed at all, had short term memory issues and spacial and balance issues (couldn't put a jar in a cupboard and fell over a lot) - these things did clear up eventually after t3 and enabled me to finish the last year of uni, work (just about - in the right job) and half exist lol :-)

Hi SaggyUK, He might be interested in your case. Could you send me an email and copy and paste your post in along with a phone number and I'll forward it to him to see what he thinks. thanks!

eek - is this for a newspaper? a bit of a wallflower myself! I will email just in case but if I remember correctly, there was someone on here a month or so ago who ended up in hospital because they removed her T3. At least I think it was on here and not sure how easy it is to search for it?

You are using a pseudonym :) so don't worry.

Just found your post's - my gp says all my blood tests are normal and suggested I search the Internet for answers or have bariatric surgery for weight gain.private blood tests show TSH 1.28. T4 TOTAL 78.9 FREE T4 13.83 FREE TO 3.88 REVERSE T3 19.0 REVERSE T3 RATIO 13.29 - I Have seen 3 endocrimologist but still gaining weight and fatigued but no further forward and feeling desperate

Do you want people who are buying NDT rather than just T3?. I'd be happy to help

No, for this campaign, it's all about T3. Next campaign though!

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