Case Study Needed!

I have been contacted today by a well known Sunday newspaper. They are looking for a mum aged 20 - 50 who was advised not to get pregnant due to a thyroid problem. They then had treatment and were then well enough to get pregnant and have a child.

Ideally the pregnancy would have been within the last five years.

Mum would need to talk about her condition and be photographed.

This article will raise awareness of how important it is to ensure that they thyroid is well balanced before pregnancy!

If you or someone you know would be willing to be this case study please call us on 01255 820407 or send me an email on

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  • It's very curious that so often when newspapers ask for a case study they already have a storyline in mind. It makes me wonder how they have come up with the idea. Is it because of someone on their staff or a family member in which case why not ask that person? I'm delighted that they want to do a story, but why so specific?

    Jane x x

  • The bit that makes me curious is who was advised not to get pregnant due to a thyroid problem

    Most often we see people either being told that their conception and/or miscarriage problems are not thyroid related, or in whom thyroid wasn't even considered as a possible cause. I may have missed it, but I don't recall anyone here saying they'd actually been advised not to get pregnant because of a thyroid problem.

  • I've heard of women being told not to get pregnant after RAI before. I've actually had someone like this come forward so hopefully she will be ok as the case study.

  • I had hypo symptoms for 8 years before I fell pregnant, although not officially diagnosed. I was actively encouraged to fall pregnant and told that it would 'cure all my symptoms'! I then subsequently gave birth at 24 weeks and have since been told (by Dr S) that this will have been due to my untreated hypo. Iv also never heard of anyone being advised not to get pregnant due to a thyroid problem!

  • This is a very common problem unfortunately. A lot of women can't get pregnant because their TSH is too high. I think there should be screening for all women who are thinking of conceiving...

  • Agreed. We were very lucky, my daughter is now a happy and healthy 2.5 year old but people shouldn't have to go through these things including the pain of not being able to conceive. We are also now terrified to try again.


  • If your thyroid is now balanced, it should be ok. You will need to be carefully monitored though to check your thyroxine levels. This is standard procedure now. I have some pregnancy guidelines here if you would like a copy -

  • Lyn, many thanks, I'm currently working on the 'balanced' under the wonderful Dr S. I still have never officially been diagnosed by the NHS so I don't think they will monitor me for something that they don't officially class me as having. Many thanks for your offer though, much appreciated.


  • my consultant at the hospital many years ago told me if i had RAI any children i had after that could be dissabled, softer much discussion i got steralised, many years after i was told things change and at that time it was what they thought, luckily i have never been maternal :).....thankfuly things have moved on now....

  • This is so sad... Thankfully things have changed....

  • My Mother was told that with my thyroid condition I was unlikely to get pregnant. I have two children, son of 22 and daughter of 15. :/

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