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New test results after 12 weeks of increasing T3

Hello for everyone in this very helpful forum! I need your advice,or conformation if I am doing the right way.

Didn't post for long time! ,was busy reading, and experimenting with T3. By forum recommendation ,started slowly increasing T3 by 2.5 mcg in the morning and 2.5 mcg late afternoon every 10 days. Right now I am on 1 grain NDT(Erfa thyroid) and 30 mcg

Cytomel. After 11 weeks I had blood test done: FreeT4 = 0.94 ng/dl (0.82-1.77)

FreeT3 =5.6 (2.0-4.4) pg/ml it's HIGH

Reverse T3 = 15.9 ng/dl still elevated previous test RT3 was 18.9

Thyroid antibodies : (TPO)Ab =9 IU/ml ( 0-34)

Thyroglobulin antibody.= <1 IU/ml (0.0-0.9)

Selenium,blood =284 ug/l ( 100-340)

Now I confirmed ,that I do not converting T4 to T3! Even taking NDT for many yrs.

And I am glad to add T3 to my routine... I lost 3 kilo during this time, my Holesterol

First time for 10 yrs dropped from 267 to 205 ! It's makes me very happy!

My next step is to reduce my NDT to 1/2 grain( 30 mg) due to not converting and reduce my Cytomel from30 mcg to 25 mcg. To make my T3 optimal and to reduce RT3.

My current suplement: vitD3-5000u,vit K2, Crill oil,B12, Bcomplex,Magnesium, trace minerals, turmeric ,milk thistle seed,selenium with strap molasses , Astragalus( for high morning cortisol) keep as much as possible 2 hour between meals and thyroid meds and 4 hours between thyroid meds and Mg,iron,vit D3. Loosing a lot of hair!!

Very grateful for Any advice !



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If you are a poor converter the T3 in NDT overcomes poor conversion. You don't have to stop taking NDT.

Reducing T3 by 5mcg may be sufficient to drop FT3 into range.

Do you have a range for rT3? I was under the impression that <25 was normal.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you for respond! The RT3 range : 9.2-24.1 My RT3 is high by STM book. It's have to be around 10-11. I had prior to this test 3 months ago around 18.9 It's dropped but not much. Only 15.9. And I feel very gittery, my pulse 89-99. I didn't use to Have so high. All my life my pulse was around 62-70 some time less( due to sluggish thyroid ) I am not planing to stop NDT just reduce the dose. I can't reduce RT3 other way. Even 12 weeks was not enough by adding Cytomel to clear RT3.. I have high morning cortisol =15.0

And the rest low,or border line normal. What to do with high cortisol?

Thank you,




Despite what STTM says your rT3 is within range. However, you need to reduce dose until FT3 is within range.

You are probably feeling jittery and pulse may be high because your FT3 is over range.

Write a new post and ask how people deal with high cortisol.


Thank you ! Yes I will slowly decrease T3.



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