hormone conversion and selenium

Hello everyone. I am about to start 200 of selenium to see how i do. Currently on lots of vitamins and supplements plus synthroid. I am hoping this helps with conversion for me before i take the plunge of asking to try cytomel for T3. Has anyone seen proof of selenium working with that with your labs and if so, how long did it take & how much did you take daily. I love this site and the wonderful feed back i get. I learn more here than from my drs.

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  • 400 micrograms/day is considered the safe upper dosage limit for selenium. More than that and you'll smell like a goat or the garlic smell in a wild wood! As in everything moderation is the rule. Selenium can help as we're often deficient.

  • thank you. I ordered 200. I have a little in my multi and did not want to over do it.

  • Just in case you're sick of tablets, I've read that 3 brazil nuts a day gives you all the selenium you need.

  • Greenwall I have had brazil nuts for a very long time. The only problem with that is actually 1-2 is sufficient, but you cannot know how much is in approximately because it all depends on their size and where in the world they come from. The soil they grow in and all that effects it big time. So sometimes 1 will be enough, or you may need a dozen from another batch for example. Google potency of brazil nuts and selenium. Seriously it is crazy. I believe either Dr Izabella Wentz, Dr browntein or one of those good thyroid dr sites had an article about it as well. I do not recall though.

  • Thanks HASHISmom34 and Naomi8, I didn't know that.

  • I have read enough about the brazil nut idea to give up on that & buy selenium in the selenomethionine form.The final straw was reading about their radioactivity.I am however,enjoying slowly using up the kilo I bought in my nut & veg rissoles!

  • selenium was supposed to lower antibodies, but of course, is not addressing the root cause. It did not help me get into remission or help conversion, even after being on it daily for 3 years. Conversion is most likely form inflammation and it doesn't help this.

  • faith63 I have been told by many that selenium does it with conversion as well as lower antibodies. I also have read though that most that take selenium supplements take turmeric in some form as well to help with inflammation. Recently I have found many studies saying that meds won't do their job properly either way if your B12, iron & ferritin, magnesium and Vit D3 are low too. So those things you should make sure are in the higher range of normal. Calcium is not absorbed without enough magnesium and Vit D is not absorbed without a good ratio of calcium/magnesium..... so as we know everything is tied in and nutrition is the 1st step and most important. My latest research states that Copper and Zinc play a key role in the conversion process along with selenium as well. Google this info and you may be surprised. Micro/macro nutrients are so very important and the vitamins and minerals we need are crucial for proper function.

  • Just having hashimotos is enough to make conversion suffer..i plan on putting mine into remission and getting off of thyroid meds, through diet.

  • yes I have a friend that has had hashi's for more than 10 yrs (well since she started treatment anyway), she found that her antibodies majorly reduced from taking high dose selenium and cutting dairy, gluten, soy from diet and she only eats night shades here and there. She claims after all of this and cleaning out her system with a detox her blood work was like a different person!!!

  • I don't have any test results but when I had nodules on my thyroid earlier this year I was advised to take 200mcg of selenium daily. I tried this and within a couple of weeks the nodules had gone and haven't returned. I have no idea what that means in terms of general thyroid function but it definitely had an effect on something

  • I believe it because selenium and clean eating without dairy and gluten is suppose to completely reduce antibodies!! Antibodies are what do the attack in our thyroid causing the eat away at the thyroid tissue.

  • Selenium supplement can make things worth if you have an iodine deficiency. Take care!

  • did you mean make things worse???? I have no idea about that if that is what you meant, but I do know selenium helps hashi's induced hypothyroidism and I do know that iodine is like throwing gas on a fire if you have hashi's i was told. Iodine deficiency causing thyroid disease is a lot more rare and those people do not have antibodies.

  • I have been reading and reading anything I could find since I was diagnosed. What I found out so far about iodine is this:

    Many doctors advice against iodine supplement. Most of them don'the know anything about nutrition, and don'the mention the iodine/selenium connection . But some say that you actually need it rather badly, BUT not to take it without selenium as well, as the two work together, and taking just one of them will make your thyroid condition worse. The myth about iodine making hypothyroidism worse is allegedly from a single research from 1948 (using radioactive iodine) that has never been confirmed. In the area in Japan where people live really long they get loads of iodine from the food they eat, but apparently selenium as well. There is also a certain heart condition that requires medication with enormous amounts of iodine, and only a few percent of the patients get hypothyroidism. But don't take my words for it - dive into the subject! The first book I read was "The iodine crisis -what you don't know can wreck your life"/Lynne Farrow - but you can find a lot information on the net - you can start here if you like ☺☺☺


  • I am glad to read this! I have read a lot about iodine being really bad for the thyroid disease patients who have the condition caused from the auto immune Hashi's disease. My dad swears up and down that it is wrong (he has no medical background however) I don't know what to believe, all i know is i am having more symptoms and I think the synthroid might even be making me gain more weight than what i was before the meds!!!

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