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Help with latest results

Hi there everyone,

My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hashimotos 6 weeks ago, and started Euthyrox 25mcg. I have the results of her new bloods:

TSH 4.8 ; range, 0.3-4.2

Antithyroglobulin 319, range: H greater than 116 IU/ml

Antithyroid Perox 39, range : H greater than 39 IU/ml.

My daughter has developed a few annoying, involuntary facial ticks, and often has a sore or stiff back. Are these symptoms of Hashimotos?

She started on 50mcg Euthyrox yesterday.

I wanted to have more tests done to check calcium, vitamin D and some others but the Gp didn't think this was necessary. Also she hasn't menstruated for about a year. Is this all the Hashimotos, or could there be something else I should investigate.

Thanks for all the help.

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Lack of periods is offer being under medicated. Glad she now has an increase of meds but she should have the other things checked that you have asked for. See how she fm goes with the increase and ask if you can have FT3 and FT4 tested as those give more info about how they tyroid is doing. Are the ranges he is working with for children or adults. I think at 14 she is counted as a child as she is still growing so need more thyroxine because of that. Hopefully someone who is more familiar with minors can contribute to that.

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