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Any instructions before Short Synacthen Test?

Is there anything specific I should / should not do before a Short Synacthen test? I've got mine at 9.30 tomorrow morning. It isn't fasting.

My only medication is T3 Liothyronine, I take 20mcg when I get up, then 10mcg and another 10mcg later in the day. Should I take my morning dose as usual?

My Feb Genova saliva tests were 38.69 (7.45-32.56); 14.05 (2.76-11.31), 17.18 (1.38-7.45); 5.0 (0.83-3.86) My Feb 9am Cortisol test was 369.

The time of the day I feel worst is from lunchtime for a few hours, perk up a lot in the evening, have night sweats & palpitations several times every night. It seems to me my cortisol is too high, so 9am isn't a good time to test it. But is Synacthen test trying to prove it's low eg Addisons...? Any advice gratefully received!

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Hi TaraJR , NatChap asked a similar question earlier and Heloise added a link that was quite informative. Hope that helps :)

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