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Short synacthen test

I've recently had this test. Results show it's come back normal. Yeah that old chestnut! I'm not convinced. Can anyone shed any light on my results please.

Test was done at 8.35 am with a follow up blood test 30 minutes later. My letter says " she did have an equivocal cortisol level at 141nmol/L. ...........I performed a short synacthen test which was entirely normal, the basal cortisol rising from 483 to 738 nmol/L at 30 minutes. "

I don't feel right, I also have hypothyroidism. Another long story!

Is there anything thing I can do or take, eg supplements?

Any advice gratefully received.

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I cannot answer why but people here including myself who have had the test all seem to have come back normal when deep down you know something is not right. I much prefer to rely on saliva testing for adrenals but sadly the NHS/GP's do not any credence to these tests.


Thank you


I see to be about the only person here to have had an abnormal short synacthen test - if that happens they just send you for more tests until one comes back normal and they can send you away, or they have to admit you have Addisons. I think a normal test just means that your adrenals can respond when hit with a cattle prod, not that there is a cattle prod for everyday use. I'd try an adrenal cortex supplement, meditation and plenty of rest. I'm much better (after about 25 years), but still not completely right (but not falling down with blinding headaches, stomach pains and vomiting!). Am now wondering if it could be an ATP/mitochondria problem (which we wouldn't really have though of in the 90s), so I might try D Ribose to see if it makes a difference.


Thank you. Have just ordered the supplement you mentioned. Fingers crossed!


when you pass the tests, it means your adrenal glands work, with artificial ACTH, at the moment, anyway. What is your baseline, before the drugs, ACTH and Cortisol levels? i had one done, passed, but 3 out of 5 results were below range. My saliva are all below range.


Hi faith 63, I don't know any other info re baseline etc. All the info I have is included in my original post. Thanks for your reply


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