Short Synacthen Test and other meds

Hi all,

I am due to have a short synacthen test on Monday, starting at 8.15am, but have just picked up my 50,000iu VitD suppliments. Am already taking Iron suppliments, as recommended by endo and which I will continue to take, so my question is - should I start the VitD now or leave it until after Monday and could VitD at high stength interfer with the synacthen test result?


Moggie x

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  • I would call the department who are going to do the test.

    We might be able to find info. for the general case, but they are the ones who would say Stop/Go for the test on Monday - possibly depending on answers to questions such as "are you taking large doses of vitamin D?".

    It would be really bad if we found an answer for you - and they had a different answer on their books!



  • Sorry Rod I think I forgot to do the "reply to this" button when I answered you.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Rod, I'm being a proper pest today arn't I just automatically tend to sound you guy's out before seeking medical advise.

    Will give the hosp a ring and find out.

    Moggie x

  • It is so very easy to not think straight - whether for five seconds, five hours, or five years! And sometimes it really does need someone to point out the obvious - I know that happens to me!

  • Mightier do you take magnesium with your vit d? I've read it can be quite important, especially with high doses xx

  • I am adding epsom salts to my bath at the moment - twice a week - so maybe I'll up that to four.


    Moggie x

  • Does Epsom salts dry your skin? I got some as I heard some people who have had an abdominal hysterectomy recommended it but then I was worried it would aggravate my lichen sclerosus (another autoimmune disease that can go with Hashimoto's I think).

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay in answering but I dont have internet access at weekends. No epsom Salts doesn't dry you skin, well it doesn't mine, it makes it feels lovely and soft and it is a very gentle and slow way of raising your magnesium levels.

    Moggie x

  • That's what I thought. I'll give it a go then. Thanks xxx

  • Hi moggie my phone doesn't like spelling your user name lol. I take chelated magnesium which is easier on the stomach. If you have Paul robinsons book he's got a brilliant chapter on vitamins and minerals on page 65 there's a fab bit on magnesium although I don't think it says anything about getting a deficiency when taking vit d. Good luck with the sst test I'm due one too but keep putting it off :/ xx

  • Why are you putting it off?

    Moggie x

  • Just come back from my test and NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!

    No sickness, no crying, no fast pulse rate - absolutely NOTHING. So if I were you I would book your one up and get it over and done with as there isn't a thing to worry about.

    Moggie x

  • No other way of saying it, I'm stupid!! It feels like a big deal but I don't feel like my body is coping with much these days! The trouble is the endo has bribed me :/ he said if I have it done he will perscribe me 20 mg t3 so I really have to have it done. Suddenly I worry about having reactions to things like I avoid she'll fish and if I have to take a new tablet I have to really do it slowly, it's almost as if I am not well and want to protect myself, I feel like giving myself a dam good slap!!!! x

  • I asked questions when I booked the test and the nurse said that it could cause me to be sick and/or make my heart race a bit but I figure it worth it to get to the bottom of my symptoms. As the old saying goes "No pain, No gain", not that I'm saying its going to be painful just possibly a bit uncomfortable. I'll let you know how mine went on Monday afternoon if you want - it might ease your fears and its got to be worth it to get your T3 hasn't it?

    Moggie x

  • It has got be worth it and I will force myself. All the best for Monday, yes I would appreciate knowing how it went. Others on the forum said they felt fine having it done and sometimes a little tearful afterwards. X

  • O hell I didn't get told about the tearful bit - I work with all men and you know how great they are at dealing with weeping women. NOT.

    Will let you know how it goes.

    Moggie x

  • When I had the short synacthen test, no one mentioned supplements. I was a body builder (GP knew - couldn't exactly miss it) and I was taking everything under the sun. Made me cry buckets during the test, but then so did a colonoscopy. I just don't do stress very well.

  • Hi,

    Just come back fom my test and - nothing happened - no fast heart rate, no crying, no feeling sick - absolutely nothing. dont know what to make of it as I thought I would, at least, notice something!!!!!

    Moggie x

  • Firstly I'm glad it went alright, that's the main thing. Secondly thanks for the feedback! Have you had your adrenals checked privately? Have you got low adrenal function? x

  • No - my endo sent me for the test, along with many others as I had an operation to remove an ovarian cyst and overy cancelled because the anesthetist was unhappy with my "unstable thyroid condition" and wouldn't put me under.

    He really has given me the full M.O.T. as, so far, I have had a bone scan, every blood test under the sun (which showed up low VitD AGAIN, low iron and my adrenal blood test was not correct hence the follow up test today). I am also waiting for a heart scan - the heart palps I was suffering with was the main concern of the anesthetist but since stopping T3 these have gradually eased and are almost non existent now. I think the anesthetist had a feeling that my adrenals were not right as he keep saying he would do this and not that so that my body wouldn't be "stressed".

    After all this I will feel confident about the op as I will know that everything that could be tested has been tested. It was certainly a lucky day for me when I was put in front of the anestetist as without him I dont think the endo would be so accommodating.

    Hope all the above helps.

    Moggie x

  • oh and coq10 is good for the heart too x

  • Wow thats fantastic they are doing this!!! Thank goodness for the anaesthetist. so, you had low cortisol on the cortisol blood test did you?

    Well, I had a genova adrenal saliva 24 hour test which came back really low cortisol. The gp did a cortisol blood test and that came back fine, the endo has said i haven't got addisons, but is bribing me into having it done with the 20mcgs t3. dam!! trouble is I don't want the test, they have more or less said its pointless but want to rule it out for good practice, well I know thats a good thing, but It doesn't show adrenal fatigue, all it does is rule out addisons and they've said i haven't got it. seems ridicoulus to me, and the trouble is a rediculous as it sounds im absolutely dreading it, any kind of stress i subconciously want to avoid like the plague, i'm sure its related to this hashi's as I was never like this before. Thanks anyway for telling me how it went.

    Do You take magnesium?? Very good for the heart, and very improtant to take when taking vit d3!! x

  • I have Epson salt baths - very relaxing and skin as smooth as a babies

    The heart thing was purely down to the T3. I didn't need it (although I thought I did) but my GP gave in to my nagging and I was on it for a year. My TSH fell to almost nil and, although I felt fine with no brain fog and all aches and pains gone, the heart just did not like me taking it. It wasn't just pounding, it was missing beats and a 24hr heart monitor showed up some long named heart issue. As I said since stopping T3 is has slowly got better until I am now at the stage where I cant remember the last heart pounding/missing episode. Tried Q10 and all sorts of other suppliments but am now going to leave it to the endo to sort of my vits.

    My test this morning went like this:-

    8.00am - Arrived on ward and was showed into a day room type room with 8 chairs in it.

    8.15am - Paperwork was done.

    8.30am - First lot of blood taken.

    8.31am - Made myself a nice cup of tea - could have had a biccy but I didn't as I'm wheat free.

    9.05am - Second blood test taken.

    9.10am - Hormone inject into the thing in my arm (sorry this is not very technical is it)

    9.15am - Second cup of tea made.

    9.50am - Last lot of blood taken and thing in my arm removed.

    9.55am - Went home.

    And throughtout all this I had a lovely chat to all the other patients that were in there that day. In fact we had quite a laugh. So all in all not a bad experience, in fact quite a pleasant one so get your test booked and out of the way - even if it is only to get your T3.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie, Thats great! You can come with me if you like, can you travel to crewe cheshire? Lol X

  • Not bloody Phone a friend!!!!.

    Moggie x

  • HA HA X

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