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Hi everyone,

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I'm seeking recommendations of which NDT has worked for you! I've been on .05 of Synthroid for about 5 years, just raised to .075 due to Hashimoto's. My eyesight, strange inflammation (in the skull, no less) and other issues are starting to effect my working life. I'd like to try to switchover. My NHS doctor, and my assigned endo, have no interest in helping me out (with either NDT or T3 supplementation) so I'll be on my own. I'm in the Southwest (Cardiff to be specific), so any recommendations for doctors or endos who might be able to offer a prescription (I've been told of a pharmacy that fills them), I'd love to have their name. Happy to pay for the medication, I just would like to "get it"!

I've been looking at either Nature Throid or WP Thyroid. 

Looking forward to advice! 

Thank you all 

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  • Also - if anyone has tried applying Iodine directly to the skin (I'm doing this at night on my neck), I'd love to hear your results. I've been doing it a week now and I may be experiencing a slight energy-lift. (Perhaps too early to ring out...)

  • You have Hashimotos...and you're applying iodine to your neck? Why?

  • Trying new things. Seems to be working!

  • I have tried Naturethroid and several other brands of NDT.  I settled on WP and like it a lot.  You too may have to try a few brands before you find one that you like and that works for you.  Different folks have their favorites.

    I have taken iodine for several years now. 

    If you are hypo and taking iodine, it is suggested, particularly if you have hashis, to be supplementing with selenium.... 200 mcgs, no more than 400  mcgs each day.  Selenium is very protective of the thyroid gland and supposedly helps in the T 3 - T 4 conversion process.

    If you are uncomfortable or can't get selenium in a supplement form, brazil nuts have the highest concentration of selenium and average 50 - 75 mcgs per nut.  The amount can vary depending on the size of the nut, freshness, etc.  So, a few nuts per day would be good.

    As always, do your own research and homework re: selenium and iodine usage.

  • Thanks! I am taking selenium (200 strength) and have been for about 6 months - what a difference it made! But with the iodine, it seems to be what was missing. I'm feeling a little like my old self again. Hoping NDT will complete the missing parts! 

    I don't know if iodine and NDT are a necessary/complimentary pairing though. Any idea? 

  • ps. I read that Brazil nuts can or can not supply with selenium. It all has to do with the nutrient-dense soil they were grown in.

  • wano.... we have iodine receptors on every cell of our bodies so, whether one is taking NDT or not, iodine is required by the body.  Iodine is taken up first by the sex organs and the thyroid then the rest of the body.  

    The Japanese, who have very small incidences of breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian and prostate cancers compared to those of us on the 'Western' diet, have a diet composed of lots of seafood and kelp which are rich in iodine.  When the Japanese adopt a 'Western' diet, their cancer rates equal ours.

     In my case, I had been on NDT for 15 yrs and still had some cold intolerance (cold feet/hands/nose) and some afib from time to time even though I felt great otherwise.  After about a year on iodine, I suddenly realized that those symptoms just vanished and... my tsh dropped from the 2's/3's to 1+/1- without any change in my NDT dosage.  Wow... wasn't expecting that.  I was taking iodine just for the health benefits.

    It is recommended that one take the cofactors...  selenium, Vit C, magnesium and unrefined salt (Celtic Salt, Real Salt, pink salt etc) and be on the lookout for detox (just back down or halt iodine for a short period of time to let the liver 'catch up'). 

    By the way, my niece was always leery of ingesting iodine so she just 'painted' a 2" square on her thighs every other night or so and did just fine.  Iodine is absorbed thru the skin.  My only problem with that was how would you know how much iodine you are really getting?  But it seemed to work for her. 

  • Thanks for this reply - very interesting. I'm glad to hear you've achieved results! Reading this has reminded me that I haven't eaten seafood a lot in the past 6 months and I used to quite a lot. Going back to my old recipes now... I'll continue painting on the iodine and see what happens. I'm reluctant to take it in pill form as so much passes through my weak digestive system right now. Funny you should mention cancer rates and iodine connection - I'm getting lumps checked in two weeks. Will make a concerted effort to increase iodine rich foods, too.

  • Do you know, by chance, how iodine deficiency might present as lacking in other areas of the body? (I might just look up iodine deficiency symptoms...)

  • If you talk to any of our modern doctors or main-stream-medicine professionals,  they will almost invariably say that there is no such thing as iodine insufficiency, right?  These are the same doctors who tell us that changing hormones and being hypo are mental conditions and either throw estrogen at us (the last thing we need) or anti-depressants. 

    Just off the top of my head, I recall that lack of iodine can contribute to infertility and low I Q in infants.  I keep saying our young people seem to get dumber with every generation.  Maybe it is really true due to lack of iodine?  haha...

    Ahhh.. just looked this up and lots of links showed up.  Here is one that looks interesting but I don't necessarily agree with the low dosing suggested.  Like you said, it might be interesting to look up iodine deficiency symptoms. :)

  • Hi I changed from levo late last year to armour.  I found the armour ok, nothing special to be honest. Then they raised the price so I changed to nature thyroid 😊😊😊😊 was the best move, as I find It much better 😊😊 

  • Nature-Throid changed my life. After 5 years on Levo with no improvement in my symptoms I found an integrated medicine practitioner while living in Hong Hong who immediately switched me to Nature-Throid. No more migraines, swollen painful joints, insomnia and I lost 12kg in 6 months. Now I'm living in London and have been referred to an integrated medical practice and a private GP who will prescribe it for me. I take iodine, 2 drops each morning and supplement selenium and magnesium daily and do zinc on a 6 weeks on 6 weeks off rotation. 

  • Would love to be messaged with your integrated medicine practitioner and GP in London. Willing to travel for this! Thanks for the iodine confirmation, too!

  • ps. which form of Magnesium are you taking? I've had trouble taking it as it seemed to make me dizzy during the day (I took it 4 hours apart from my Synthroid, and then before bed; neither timing made a difference). 

  • I take one tablet 250 mg in the morning about 2 hours after my NDT and then another with my dinner around 7:30pm. I also split my NDT by taking it in the morning around 6am and then again at 3pm 

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