Blue horizon blood test- finger prick question

Hi! bit of a strange question but does your finger hurt when you put pressure on it after the finger prick test? And how much? Did your finger bruise?

I use my hands a lot for work so just interested to get some feed back so I know whether to do it on a day I'm not working or whether I should pay a bit more and get it done at a blood place.

Also, I'm planning to do the +11, does the +12 make a big difference? Is the reverse T3 necessary?

Thanks for any tips! :)

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I have used the finger prick test twice, definitely use the side of the finger tip as recommended as this way you are less likely to be putting pressure on the puncture point. I needed to use 2 finger pricks the first time but only one the second. It is worth warming your fingers and being hydrated. Good luck.

Yep, as cjrsquared says, apply the lancet just to the side of the finger, not directly on the fleshy "pad" as the skin is much thicker there and therefore might not produce a good enough blob of blood. I found the middle finger easiest. Blood flows better if you do it exactly between your pad and the base of the nail. It might smart for just a second but shouldn't render you unable to do manual dexterity stuff afterwards, apart from putting on a finger plaster for say half an hour afterwards. Quite safe to remove the plaster after that!

My fingertip was low-level sore all day and some of the net day as well. not enough to say it was painful, but I definitely felt it when typing the computer/massaging cleanser into my face etc. 3rd day now and the soreness is completely gone. Hope that helps!

Thanks. SO I take it you can't put LOTS of pressure on your finger tip right?

Yes, that exactly it. But it goes away completely in about 48hrs' time.

Thanks :)

No, it hardly hurts at all.

I have Gestational Diabetes in all my pregnancies & I have to do a similar finger prick approx 6 times a day. (plus insulin injections) my 3yr old son often does it for me to "help". You will probably have a bruised finger afterwards & mat need a plaster.

Haha! A future doctor! Go kid! Yeah I was worried about the bruised finger issue. I put lots of pressure on my fingers for work and bruised finger doesn't sound like it'd get on with that.

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