Blue Horizon Finger Prick test disaster

I ordered the finger prick test last week and it came the next day, read through everything and all clearly explained.

So I got up this morning and calmly set about doing it - disaster.

Blood came out but seemed to go everywhere BUT the tube,

After an hour my fingers are sore as hell and the tube is only about a third full. Not even halfway up the label :(

I can't even afford another test.

I could cry! Why couldn't my GP just test for T3?!

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  • Aww sorry to hear it went so badly! My 'first time' was a disaster too! Perhaps call BH and explain, maybe they'll send out more finger prickers or perhaps there's enough blood in the tube to use anyway? Don't give up, at least contact them in case you can get more materials. :) If it's any consolation, the next time will likely prove easier, nerves really got the better of me first time round and I found the second time I was more organised.

  • Definitely contact BH. The cost of the collection kit is a minor part of the whole testing process.

  • Thanks Jadzhia.

    I'm so upset. I feel so ill and just want some answers before I phone my GP back.

    It never occured to me that I wouldn't be able to do the test right. I read through everything beforehand and gave myself a clear hour to do it.

    I've emailed Blue Horizon. I don't think there is anything they can do though.

    My car died on Friday so I just can't afford to pay for another test. :(

  • They will send you out a new test don't worry.

  • Thank you for your replies.

    I've emailed BH so we shall see, I'm so annoyed with myself for not being able to do it. Reading around on here it seemed so easy for those who did this test

  • I also have difficulty getting more than a small amount of blood into that tube. Each time I have just sent it back and they've managed to provide me with a result. When my daughter did the test she sent back a miniscule amount and they promptly sent her another test free of charge. Don't despair! BH do great customer service in my experience. Good luck 😐

  • Bagster did you get less than the halfway point? I don't know whether to send this back or not

  • skyrocket, I think you probably didn't collect enough blood. Also, I think the length of time you take to collect can be important. Please call Blue Horizon for advise. They are very helpful.

  • Yes. The latest one was about a third. The previous one wasn't even that - and it took three attempts and 45 minutes to squeeze that one out. So stressful. You should definitely send it back.


  • I just done my first bh test and had trouble getting enough blood out of fingers,got in a bit of a state with it, used up all the prickers my husband had to prick my finger with needle,managed to get enough in the end thou have sore fingers.well worth it to get t3result. I'm sure bh will send you new kit they seem very efficient and they have good reputation.

  • Thank you to everyone for your replies. I emailed BH and they kindly offered to send me a new kit out. I am going to drink loads of water the night before and early in the morning and try and take my time with this one. And stand up while I'm doing it. It seems so obvious in a way but it never occured to me at 6 this morning :D Keep your fingers crossed that I manage the next one!

    I just want to find out the results so I can rule out thyroid and make my GP crack on with finding out what is wrong with me.

  • I had to smile at your post. My first time I was sure it was me and that noone else had any problems. My daughter came into the room during my attempt and suggested I put up 'Crime Scene' tape. ;) Good luck next time, @skyrocket. I'm sure it will go better.

  • Thank you Wellness1! I'm glad it's not just me! I was beating myself up this morning for being so rubbish I couldn't even pass a blood test! :D It doesn't help that my fingers and feet are so cold all the time that even when I'd put my fingers in a jug of warm water for 4 minutes they still wouldn't warm up. I was convinced that's why the blood wouldn't run.

  • I couldn't get enough blood either - BH very good - sent me a free vacutainer kit and a I got a friend who's a nurse to draw the blood - all the best x

  • Update! I drank loads of water yesterday and warmed my finger in a glass of warm water this morning and stood up for the sample. It worked because I actually managed to get enough blood (I'm such a high achiever! :D ) Anyway will get it sent and hopefully get some answers.

    I don't really know where to go from here if this sample shows my T3 in range. All my other results were pretty much in range although my folate was low and my T4 a bit low.

    I feel dreadful and have so many symptoms of low thyroid but if this test comes back 'normal' what then?

  • Definitely worth the trying again. :-)

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