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Hashis help - hypo symptoms and blood work

Hi; my NDT was cut back 3 weeks ago from 120 mg/ day to 90 mg/day (suppressed tsh) as I was apparently hyper... Rapid heart..sore fingers Now I have burning feet and swollen ankles legs ( no sore finger joints) I also sleep better.. Here are my lab results. If anyone has any thoughts please help!

TSH=0.84 (0.32-5.04 mU/L)

T4 Free A 8.6 (10.6-19.7 pmol/L)

T3 Free 4.22 (3.00-5.90 pmol/L)

25-Hydroxyvitamin D

105. (75-150 nmol/L)


90 (15-247ug/L)

Vitamin B12

323 (153-655 pmol/L)

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If you were overmedicated before, it appears you are undermedicated now. Your TSH is in range but T4 is below range and T3 is low in range. What was the doctor's response to these latest tests?



TSH is often suppressed & T4 levels low when medicating NDT.

It is the T3 levels that are important and many members need it over half way through range in order to feel well.

Hypo symptoms may be interpreted as hyper and I think you under medicated. However a dose raise may not work as your possible intolerance of NDT maybe due to low iron and Vit B12. You need to supplement these to bring levels to optimal. Vit D is ok.

Also thyroid antibodies need to be managed as an elevated level can (indirectly) disrupt any thyroid meds from working.



I will start by saying there are way more knowledgeable people on here than me so this is just my opinion. b12 looks way to low to me. Mine was quite a bit higher than that and I was advised to supplement b12 and b complex.

Low b12 can cause a whole host of its own symptoms and many mimic hypo symptoms.

The free's look low to, when I was in the 'normal lab ranges' I still had symptoms.

Before I was diagnosed hypo I had burning feet, usually late at night. I also had joint pain and restless leg syndrome syptoms so imo you're under medicated.

I've recently swapped to ndt and if my Dr ever tries telling me I need to reduce my meds because my TSH is suppressed I'll refuse until he agrees to check my ft3 & ft4 first and even then I'd rather come on here with my results before reducing ndt.


Hi thanks everyone. I find it interesting as 3 weeks prior my thyroid panel showed:

May 9 tsh 0.06/t3 3.94/t4 9.2

Dose cut in 1/3

June 1 tsh 0.84/t3 4.22/t4 8.

Reference range

Tsh (0.32-5.04 mU/l)

T3 (3-5.90 pmol/l)

t4(10.6-19.7 pmol/l)

The nice thing is my antitpo has dropped from >1000 in 2010 to 91 today.

I'm thinking of switching to compounded t4/t3 but unsure I was really stable and felt well 2012- recently on 120 mg NDT and my readings over those years were: tsh .9-1.8/t3 5.2-7/t4 14-15.8

Something changed in me last fall and my t3 and t4 dropped and many of my symptoms changed : I've always supplemented with iron B's and vit d as well as multi vit. Am gluten free and exercise.. The weight is piling on ; my fingers are so sore I can hardly move them; water retention swelling is back.. Now that I'm through menopause ... It's weird my t3 levels increased when dosage of NDT cut in 1/3 as I was having heart palapatations😥


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