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Healing Hashis Summit Info

Dr Izabella Wentz (PharmD):

"I'm pleased to announce that Hashimoto's Awareness, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to Hashimoto’s, is hosting a free summit all about Healing Hashimoto’s!


Hashimoto's Awareness was founded by two very passionate women from New York, Fabienne Heymanns and Pearl Thomas. They are both Hashimoto’s patients who are now in remission thanks to taking charge of their own health and utilizing functional medicine!

Fabienne Heymanns and Pearl Thomas

Fabienne and Pearl reached out to me in 2014 and told me about their vision to spread awareness about healing Hashimoto's! I was beyond ecstatic when they asked me to be a part of their advisory board, because I believe in their mission! And I believe that a small group of committed and passionate people can change the world!

I am joined on the advisory by a few of my dear friends and favorite Hashimoto's experts, who are also speakers in the summit: Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Stacey Robbins, Dana Trentini (Hypothyroid Mom), Mickey Trescott, NTP, Shannon Garrett, RN and Marc Ryan, L.Ac.

I stand proudly by Pearl and Fabienne in their mission to stop the needless suffering of people with Hashimoto’s. I want to see everyone with Hashimoto’s feeling well, so that we can all live the lives we are meant to live, so that we can all follow our passions and so that we can all spread the truth about healing!

You may already know my story, and both Pearl and Fabienne are truly living proof of what can happen when we get our health back! Both are accomplished actresses and are following their dreams of starting a not-for-profit organization. I was able to meet both of them in person in Boulder, CO this past October for the Thyroid Mastermind, when I gathered the top minds in thyroid health to talk about best practices and how we could help more people.

They are even more vibrant and beautiful in real life than they are in their photos. Despite the elevation (and Pearl being 6 months pregnant), they both hiked up one of the tallest mountains with me! Pearl is now a new mommy and enjoying her beautiful, healthy baby girl!

The Healing Hashimoto's Summit is FREE & ONLINE from JUNE 13-20, 2016 with this event we hope we can empower you to give you tools and resources so you can heal.

The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit will be the first non-profit summit and is intended to bring people together in an effort to expand the Hashimoto’s community, gain access to support, and discover new ways of healing. Join me at The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit from June 13-20, 2016, online and free! You can register for the event HERE.

I am truly honored to be among those speaking such as Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (the Paleo Mom), Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, along with many other top experts. Through this summit, we are able to share the best practices that have worked with our clients.

I love how Pearl and Fabienne have been able to ask all of the right questions- the same questions on the minds of so many people with Hashimoto’s.

When I usually speak at health summits, the host and I often spend a lot of time talking about the basics of Hashimoto’s because the audience is so broad. In this summit, we really dig in deep and get into the advanced stuff right away.

Here are just a few of the things we cover in my interview:

Leaky gut triggers, besides gluten and dairy that are on the Paleo diet

Who may be at risk for iodine deficiency, and what’s a safe dose of iodine for people with Hashimoto’s

How to tell if you have low morning cortisol

Little nuances that could be sabotaging your sleep and therefore your adrenals

Vitamins deficient in most people with Hashimoto’s

What type of protein powder is best for people with Hashimoto’s

Most common infections with Hashimoto’s

Natural treatments for H Pylori

Habits that increase our risk of Hashimoto’s

When you register today, you’ll get immediate access to Andrea Nakayama’s bonus talk "Functional Medicine Framework to Your Unique Path to Thyroid Health".

I personally can’t wait to tune in to the presentations to hear about all of the latest advances my colleagues have been making! I hope you’ll join me in Healing Hashimoto’s Together!


Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD

PS. Please register early so you don’t miss out on early bird bonuses and announcements (Hint, hint).

If you are looking for more information on putting Hashimoto's into remission, please consider purchasing a copy of my patient guide, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause to help you figure out your underlying triggers.

I also have a website with additional resources for you, including my blog and a list of recommended supplements.

Lastly, you can connect with me through my community on Facebook."

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