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Thyroid Antibodies - Brain Antibodies

Unfortunately The Broken Brain repeat cut off before midnight, worse yet, Izabella Wentz was doing a segment and so was Dr. Kharizzian when it stopped but he did relate something we Hashimoto sufferers should be aware. Your brain fog and fatigue are not because of your thyroid, they are from the autoimmune attack to your brain. The TPO antibodies from attacking your thyroid also attack the brain through mimicry. He pointed out that finding the right dose of thyroid replacement is not going to resolve this unless you reduce the antibodies. Izabella recommends that these antibodies can be affecting you for five or ten years before your diagnosis of Hashimoto's UNLESS you get a TPO and TG antibody tests done along with TSH. We are going to have to look at the whole picture of autoimmunity and begin to make the changes that caused it.

Dr. Hyman was putting the entire health system together mentioning the endocrine system, the immune system (cytokines) and the nervous system. I wish I had the opportunity to take notes on this as he was going to explain how one affects the other but this episode cut off unexpectedly.

If they replay this series, I'll post it.

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Heloise, thanks for sharing this!


You're welcome AZ. So much is being discovered and many more treatments are going to be exposed.....finally.

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I saw parts of the Broken Brain series, Heloise. The part you're referring to was from Episode 7. Over Episodes 7 and 8, Dr. Hyman covered 7 Steps to an Ultra Mind:

1. Optimise Nutrition

2. Balance Hormones

3. Cool Off Inflammation

4. Fix Your Gut

5. Enhance Detoxification

6. Boost Mitochondria

7. Calm the Mind

The interviews with Datis K and Izabella W were part of Step 2, Balancing Hormones.

Dr. Hyman spoke of the PNEI system (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system). Neurotransmitters, hormones and cytokines are messengers and the nervous, endocrine, immune systems are interconnected. The HPA axis, too much insulin (sugar and starch), too much cortisol (stress), too little thyroid hormone... these interconnect and also affect sex hormones. Insulin resistance has a huge effect on the brain. Just balancing insulin has a big impact on other hormones. Recommendations include 30-50 grams of fiber per day, exercise, relaxation/stress reduction. Add nutrients such as: chromium, magnesium, vit E, Biotin, B vits, zinc, bioflavonoids, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Arginine, Carnitine.

The thyroid is important for brain function, especially the hippocampus, part of the limbic system, which regulates emotions and is associated with memory and spatial navigation. Good summary from Heloise on this part :) Dr. K spoke about thyroid hormone deficiency turning on inflammation in the brain. The longer it takes to be diagnosed, the more inflammation, which leads to brain degeneration. Many of his patients have gluten reactivity and 1/3 have brain antibodies. He spoke of 3 types, I only got the names of 2 - myelin-based and neurofilament protein. Izabella recommends 600 mg Thiamine (vit B1) to help with brain fog. She likes benfothiamine.

There was mention of the COMT gene playing a role in stress hormones lingering longer. There wasn't much discussion, so I looked it up and found this:


Sex hormones act on the brain directly. Oestrogen in the brain is neuroprotective but too much ---> cancer. Bioidentical progesterone can reduce anxiety, work on GABA receptors. Constipation and gut dysbiosis can lead to reabsorption of excreted hormones. Hormones decline as we age and we ignore unless it's a true deficiency, but it can still affect our our health and should be balanced. Tweaking hormones as we age can affect our experience of neurodegenerative disease.


That was so good, Wellness. Suddenly I am very, very concerned about my brain. I think I was mad at my thyroid but I feel protective of my brain. I wish we could see the whole series but I guess it can be purchased for $97. What can we do to find support from doctors? We certainly can improve our diet....sugar and gluten are the primary insults. Insulin resistance is terrible for the brain. That list of supplements was very helpful, too. Thank you for that valuable information. I wish I had gone straight to 7 and 8. I'd really like to know if anti-inflammatories work on the brain...I wonder if we should attempt to get LDN if we have antibodies in those parts of the brain he mentioned. Thanks again, Wellness.


Thanks, Heloise. :) LDN for brain inflammation is an intriguing treatment possibility. I did not see the entire series, so if there was a discussion of LDN, I missed it. It seems like there is some interest in the series. I have some more notes, rather sketchy ones, I can post those here, for anyone interested.


For thyroid patients it seems to be necessary to start with an even lower dose of LDN. I wanted to try it many years ago.

When I started these summaries, I was hoping to encourage others to watch since you know how much information is in each one and impossible to relay. Of course they were still being streamed then.

Now I'm thinking we could just expand on a few points. I think there are a few people following this thread so you could add some highlights here but then you could do some separate posts on other topics. I think we have to look beyond just a thyroid gland problem.

Both Mark Hyman and Tom O'Bryan understand the dimensions of the autoimmune problem and we have to do more than take hormone pills....much more.

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Thank you! Most interesting. My late husband did his thesis on TRH and was working on brain peptides before and accident ultimately caused his death. Wish I had know more about that as well. Thankfully research is uncovering things and hopefully more will be known as time goes on. Sadly it's a long process from lab rat to the man/woman in the street.


That is tragic, silverfox. I don't know how they are arriving at their conclusions but they did reveal some studies with mice. They injected different bacteria as probiotics and they could bring on different conditions and even obesity. it's all coming down to bacteria and what they feed on that affects our hormones and nervous systems.


I have to admit I am not completely convinced by Isabella Wentz, her autgenticity or the very small but seemingly far-reaching 'autoimmunity' experts in her clique. I've read both her books (and others) on the topic of Hashimotos and autoimmunity and find them thoroughly confusing and full of contradictions. If they are right then why would conventional medicine not at least investigate? I don't want to be down on this post and I too would like to reverse or better manage my conditions but I do feel ever so slightly 'conned' by 'experts' who clearly have vested interests in their own product ranges, affiliations with trsting centres and indefinite 'paid' treatment programmes.. it feels like we are all being taken down a long and terrifying rabbit hole.


I do feel ever so slightly 'conned' by 'experts' who clearly have vested interests in their own product ranges, affiliations with trsting centres and indefinite 'paid' treatment programmes.. it feels like we are all being taken down a long and terrifying rabbit hole.

All my life that is what I feel allopathic medicine has done. You know it's the third leading cause of death in the U.S. And, now, of course so many deaths caused by opioids and who delivers those???


I don't want to come across as entirely negative... having taken onboard some of the advice; I'm gluten free for 5 years, do not drink, do not smoke, avoid dairy where I can and supplement with good quality vitamins.. My concern is the overt promotional messaging from the integrative community towards a very impressionable/ paying public where there is very little evidence to back the claims. If we choose to go down the FM route understanding that there may be no miracle cure then that's an informed decision we have every right to take versus the belief we will all be fixed if we invest enough... the mismanagement of our own expectations could lead to resentment and ill feeling further down the track which in itself cannot be conducive to good health...


Oh absolutely, Welchy. My view of the information I post is almost always backed up by research studies and of course, they can also be skewed. There is always a disclaimer that they are not cures (even though they can). The only thing being sold is the video series at nominal prices. In fact during the SIBO series Rifaximin is the only expensive pharmaceutical most often used and the cost is around $1200 in the U.S. but they can use herbals which are less than $50.

In the United States, Salix Pharmaceuticals holds a US Patent for rifaximin and markets the drug under the name Xifaxan.

These practitioners order it from Canada at $150 for their patients, at least the one being interview did. So who is profiting? I had known about this before but was thoroughly disgusted that that company would hike the price to that extent.

There is definitely racketeering going on but these videos are asking us to at least look in a different direction. But if you are satisfied with your current treatments and doctors, there is no need to look further.

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I agree that we must keep an open mind to new approaches and I'm not entirely dismissive. I just think it's important we keep one eye open to the wider commercial incentives of some of these experts (some of which send me marketing emails daily)

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Hello Heloise,

Thank you for posting this. It's good to confirm yet again that in the USA doctors are prepared to think outside the box even though we still appear to be a long way from having such doctors in the UK.

What it also confirms is that when the UK health services let us down we are on our own and we MUST think for ourselves. Some people are undoubtedly helped by conventional medicine, but many, many people are left without answers.

If we are ill there has to be a reason for that illness and all too often, including with thyroid dysfunction, there can be many reasons causing that dysfunction and also causing multiple seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Four years ago, after over 20+ years of ill health, my daughter saw a doctor in the USA who carried out a number of tests which she had never been offered here or in Belgium by NHS and private doctors. We had wasted thousands of pounds on private thyroid tests and thyroid doctors. None of them looked any deeper than the obvious thyroid symptoms.

However, we now know that her thyroid dysfunction was merely one of a range of symptoms. The USA doctor confirmed that she had multiple complex illnesses.

I'd like to be able to say that things have improved over the last 4 years in the UK, but sadly that is not the case. Too many UK patients are forced to travel to the USA for the help they need. Too many waste thousands of pounds, as we did, on incorrect tests and uninformed advice and treatments.

Sadly there are still too many people in the UK under the impression that conventional medicine on the NHS will always find answers for them, and that doctors in the USA are only interested in "conning" them. Research and results show otherwise.

My daughter is recovering thanks to the correct care. I wish that the expert care that she is now receiving were available here for everyone. Meanwhile we all MUST think for ourselves, look for the real causes of illness and find doctors who will actually help.

Jane x


Thank you, Jane. But being on Medicare I cannot get a TG antibody test. For the masses it is just as bad as the NHS unless you can afford the premium. But I still pay $3000/year for this lack of service. My husband has coverage through his employment and together pay around $7,000. Prescriptions can easily run $400. My friend is full of eczema from using PPI's most of her life and has such gut problems causing dizziness and food sensitivities. I cannot tell you the run-around she has been through. I know exactly what's wrong with her but these doctors just keep prescribing. This last ointment prescribed is $500.

As a matter of fact a friend just returned from Belgium. She is going to open her own office for pain management using Arnica and other alternatives to opioids but people will have to pay privately I'm sure. NO insurance company will cover the cost. In fact in the Betrayal series much of the input came from foreigners.

There is wonderful research coming from everywhere but being denied by the lucrative established medical system.


Hi Heloise, It's a common misconception that UK healthcare is free. It isn't of course. We pay all through our working lives through National Insurance and taxes for a second rate service. Doctors are not allowed to think for themselves. They have to follow a set of guidelines whether private or on the NHS and often it is the same doctor, the only difference being that a patient may be able to jump the NHS queue by paying privately. The patient isn't allowed to decide which kind of specialist to see either. That is decided by their GP, and is often denied, however vehemently the patient feels they need to see a specialist for a specific illness. We are forced to take things into our own hands at our own considerable expense.

When we decided to go to the US specialist we simply phoned and made the appointment. We have to pay for everything of course, but it was more than worth it to keep my daughter alive. He saved her life - she was extremely ill by the time she saw him and he performed a number of tests that had not even been thought of here in the UK. Certainly we were given no guidance by any thyroid "experts" here. Jane x

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It's similar here, employers choose the insurance so not much choice. Medicare determines everything that is covered or not covered. Naturopaths or anyone off beat will be out of pocket unless some tests or medications are agreeable to insurance companies.

Your case shows the extent that people need to go to for autoimmune conditions. The Betrayal series announced this new division for autoimmune disease. The question is whether they mess that up like they have thyroid disease. You certainly did right thing. I always say this about money," would you rather have the money or a daughter" (in your case) and there is no doubt how to spend it.


You are so right. My wonderful daughter is a gift to the world and inspires me every day. To think that I might not now have her in my life doesn't bear thinking about. x x


As a patient from another country, may I ask how financing works for your daughter's treatments? I'm certain it is expensive and no need to respond although if it turns out to be very reasonable perhaps you would like to defend this particular medical practice. Since many of them need as much training as other M.D.'s I'm sure they do not receive the type of payments made to doctors subsidized by insurance companies.


Hi again, Yes we have to finance all of the treatment ourselves. I'm not sure which particular medical practice you mean. My daughter's diagnosis, tests and treatment were carried out by a qualified doctor. There are many people from the UK now travelling to the USA for help because they have been written off here by their doctors, and there is precious little research into chronic illness being carried out here, or accepted from abroad. After our first visit to the USA in 2013 I contacted various more open minded doctors, several thyroid advisory groups, Public Health England and 2 private clinics. None of them were interested and sadly they still aren't. Personally it is beyond me how they can live with themselves when they could be helping so many more patients. Jane x


Hi Jane can you tell me what tests they did in the USA and what treatment she is receiving - I thought they were as bad as the UK so I am pleased to see not all of them are.


Hi, The restrictions that doctors have in the USA are not as stringent as they are in the UK because they don't have to conform to the ridiculous NICE guidelines and other restrictive NHS practices which are applied to both NHS and private doctors here. As one of my friends says "Same doctor, same rules, different carpet!" In the USA she was tested for mycotoxins, Lyme, HHV6, candida (all positive). Also tested were her methylation, nagalase levels, MCAS and for pyroluria (all WAY out of range). She'd had none of those tests here. She's had treatments to eradicate the mycotoxins and candida and deal with pyroluria and MCAS which has taken over 4 years and has now moved on to Lyme treatment which is very painful and long term since it has been neglected for so long by the NHS and private doctors here. Jane x


Whow well done you - I ended up in Belgium for treatment - how often does she go to the USA for treatment. I have spent over 250,000 pounds over 25 years because of the neglect within the NHS at looking at things out of the box - they don't and to this day I am still fighting to get anything constructively done - have worked it out for myself that historically - too much oestrogen and too little progesterone - progesterone rushed off to support the adrenals that were under pressure with loads of stress I had - losing my home through no fault of my own etc. etc. - and then the thyroid which had always been low I daresay - kicked off big time - but the main issue was low progesterone. I am now trying to take this hormone but was finding tablets and cream difficult - as I was puffing up with oestrogen being dumped - have been on HRT for over 30 years which I will never condemn as it changed my life - having energy for the first time since childhood but unfortunately it was progesterone I needed too - so down the line the problems just got worse and worse. Fibroids - I had a hysterectomy at 33 - was due to low progesterone and the TPO antibodies that nothing seems to get down is another item progesterone deals with - my growth hormone which has always been low had doubled as Prog deals with that too. I am taking it via Pregnenalone - and this has supported me as a bonus to get down on my steroids to 20 mg (from 50mg) - which is great and shows that pregnenalone does produce cortisol needed by the adrenals. As it is a producer of testosterine too and I suffer with muscle weakness big time - this has helped my muscles to as Preg is the facilitator for test/oestrogen/progesterone - so I am off the HRT and relying on this wonderful little 10 mg tablet I take. Well done you for getting your daughter treatment - I know how you feel you would go anywhere to get help.


sorry spello - meant testosterone


I agree janeb15 & Welchy1 It is so hard to know whether the private 'experts' or doctors will really be giving you the advice you need and I am always wary when they have products to peddle. This is what has so far stopped me forking out life savings to see a FM doctor here in UK - I'm managing fairly well at the moment so just trying to arm myself with as much info as possible.

Thank you Heloise and wellness1 for summarising - I'm really interested in finding out what one can do to reduce antibodies but I deleted all the emails about these seminars because I felt they would be trying to sell something. It is really sad that our generally wonderful NHS does not have the will or resources to investigate the complexities of these types of diseases further - the general attitude seems to be use a drug to patch you up.


Hi Raucous, I respect your opinion and am also a skeptic but I have to say that few people make their own formulas. The supplements they recommend average ten dollars to forty dollars but in the U.S. prescriptions cost hundreds although you can order the same from Canada for half the price.

Most of the advice in ALL the series are do it yourself since gluten, gliadin, and glutanines are to be avoided and that in itself will go a long way. The people who were successful in overcoming their various autoimmune diseases often were THEMSELVES doctors. The middle aged lady with MS was a Professor of Medicine. She tried the foremost treatment at the Cleveland Clinic first. It slowed the disease but she was still in a wheelchair. The diet is still the best way to attack autoimmune conditions. LDN when I first heard of it 20 years ago cost twelve dollars. No, I have to say there is no profit for these people. Dr. O'Bryan who did the program Betrayal has his own clinic as many do and it is actually costly to bring about these programs. I do not feel the $47 his series may be purchased for is robbery. He also had 85 interviews that he did not include.


Well, what we seem to forget is that we have to pay for the NHS whether we use it or not and whether it is any help or not. We can't opt out. Of course, that makes it more exzpensive if we have look outside as we are already paying for NHS non-treatment (unless unemployed or on a very low income). We are used to not paying in a noticeable way which, I think, makes us less ready to pay for anything else.


I think if they cured anyone, it might be different:) I guess we DO need them when it comes to broken bones and surgeries, etc. I used to include infections but not too sure of that any longer now that so many are resistant.

For our chronic conditions, though, with the information we are receiving and the research studies informing us of the reason behind them, it really doesn't take that much medical intervention. We may need our thyroid pills but our diet and supplements are completely within our control. I find the supplementation to be the questionable part but going to their Facebook sites where people add their own story you can get an idea of what you may want to try. These are all over the counter supplements and you can choose the company you prefer to deal with so if there are certain companies trying to capitalize on a certain herb or chemical, it's virtually impossible.


WOW !!!! KODOS to you Heloise. For bringing this forward to us thyroid patients . As time goes by and more and more research is done we are going to find out more and more . It just proves that the whole endocrine system is so very complex . The only reason more attention is paid to this is because more and more people are having issues . We can not be silent any longer . We have to stop suffering in silence . And support more research . Thank you for educating and bringing forward this study .


A few notes from a couple of episodes of Mark Hyman's Broken Brain series, for anyone interested.

Several of the people interviewed are familiar faces from the autoimmune/functional community. Apologies, these are rough notes.

Here are some notes from an episode I joined in progress (#5?). Joe Pizzorno (The Toxin Solution) discussed his detox protocol. DMSA - 250 mg every third night, fiber 2.5 grams, twice a day and 500 mg N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). It can take a while, with one patient it took 1-1/2 years to detox heavy metals.

Dr. David Perlmutter (neurologist and author of Grain Brain, Brain Maker) spoke about control of blood sugar for brain health. He says optimal blood sugar is 85-90 and there is an increased risk of dementia at 105. HbA1c should be about 5.3-5.4. He suggests looking at paleo/keto, spend part of the day in ketosis, 1-2 Tbsp/day of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). Exercise every day, vigorous cardio, resistance and core. Exercise has disease modifying ability, cites a study on rats who exercise resulting in improved hippocampus function, long-term memory and learning. Can do low and slow - walking is medicine - and HIIT. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but it is a preventable disease. Exercise, vitamin D, restrict sugar.

Dr. Dale Bredesen (The End of Alzheimer’s) advocates getting a ‘cognoscopy’, blood work, genetic tests (e.g., ApoE4), etc. to identify your risk and cognitive function so you can create a program to protect your brain health. Bredesen Protocol.

Look at social factors, community, and stress reduction, too. Meditation is better than a vacation. Look at *who* you are connected to. Depression in women doubles the risk of Alzheimer’s. In men it quadruples the risk. The quality of your thoughts really matters. Sleep is crucial. Sleep apnea increases risk. Decrease blue light at night for higher quality sleep. (can wear read glasses or use night settings on computer) Look at biomarkers for inflammation, infection (e.g., herpes, Lyme), mold biotoxin illness.

‘Nose brain’ - rinocephalon. Neuropathologists have said Alzheimer’s ‘looks’ like it comes from the nose. But what is the agent? Compare to neurosyphylis. The agent sets up chronic inflammation.

Alzheimer’s is a protective response to different insults.

— chronic infection, inflammation. brains of Alz patients show organisms from the mouth - p. gingivitis and lip: HSV1. (herpes simplex virus 1) variations include fungi and mold in the nose. the rinosinal micro biome is important. Biofilms, MARCoNS (multiple antibiotic resistant coagulase negative staphylococci that lives deep in the nasal passages - see survivingmold.com). Optimise rinosinal micro biome like we do the gut microbiome. correct homocysteine, B12, thyroid, vitamin D, B, minerals in optimal range. Treat heavy metal toxicity. Detox foods include all veg, esp. cruciferous veg. 2/3 of your food should be veg., preferably non GMO, organic.

Toxins are excreted by the liver in 2 phases, process depends on genes that have the code for involved enzymes, so some are better detoxers than others. (can google liver detox pathways for more info). free radicals —-> oxidative stress —-> damaged mitochondria —->inflammation.

Antioxidants maximize the body’s ability to detox.

Dr. Terry Wahls, who has MS and dramatically improved her health through diet, supplements, nerve stimulation. Mitochondria are at the heart of neurodegenerative disease.

How to care for mitochondria:

nutritional needs of mitochondria, support with Omega 3/6, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, sulfur amino acids, anti-oxidants.

why did mitochondria function decline? poisoned by heavy metals, pesticides, plastic, solvents

stealth infections - infectious particle hijacks the mitochondria, takes its energy for manufacturing viral particles.

Address all of these to support mitochondrial function.

Also look at role of gut in MS, other neurodegenerative and brain disease. Evidence continues to grow of gut/brain relationship. See PubMed for microbiota/autoimmune.

Dr. Wahls says 25% of our detox capability is managed by our gut micro biome. Health-promoting bacteria improve detoxification, lessen poisoning of mitochondria.

Many autoimmune therapies are problematic, there’s a hidden cost to the therapy. Immune suppressors don’t help mitochondrial function. MS drugs turn off acute lesions, but may not help the underlying cause of disease.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan spoke about elevated brain antibodies. Test antibodies: myelin, cerebellum, gangliacides, checking for inflammation in the brain, which leads to disease.

Look at the gut-brain axis. Inflammatory cytokine model of depression. cortisol and insulin out of balance can lead to depression. Hormones and depression, paraben and PBA mimic oestrogen, disrupt progesterone.

Stress, onslaught of electronics and social media. Hans Selye- early 20th c. endocrinologist who researched stress - distress and eustress, stress can result from negative or positive factors. The positive stressors that don’t break you are beneficial. so go hard, work hard, then unplug. Relax fully and deeply.

Rick Hanson, Buddha’s Brain. Meditation gets rid of adrenaline and cortisol and floods the brain with dopamine and serotonin. The more you meditate, the longer your telomeres. Neuroplasticity. Exercise, muscle as an endocrine organ. Big claims for exercise and brain health. Certain types of exercise increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) leading to neurogenesis and improved cognitive function. Sleep. Disruption to our circadian rhythm can contribute to obesity, metabolic, immune, cardiovascular diseases. Manage stress and find what works for you.

Episode 8: Creating an Ultra Mind, Part II

There is growing toxicity in our environment and food, nutritional quality of food declining.

Step 5: Enhance Detoxification

Joe Pizzorno - around 1970 in his practice he observed more diseases resulting from an increase in pesticides, chemicals, metals. Prior, it had been nutritional deficiencies or excess. His advice for reducing exposure - don’t heat plastic in the microwave, avoid farmed fish, avoid GMO soy, commercially grown dark leafy greens have lots of pesticides, always eat organic if poss.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin, endocrine toxin. Get from fish and fillings.

Lead is in air coming from China, reaches L.A. on the jet stream. Arsenic can be found in ground water (check well water).

Liver Detox System

Glutathione is incredibly important.

- The most important anti-oxidant in cells, mitochondria. Longer living species produce more glutathione.

- plays a critical role in Phase II Liver Detox

- pumps mercury out of brain across blood-brain barrier. Binds to methyl mercury from fish and gets mercury out of cells.

Dr. Hyman: if the methylation train stalls, so does the sulfuration train. Incorporate N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA), milk thistle, phytonutrient superfoods. Broccoli sprouts are the best, also collards, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, mustard greens, rutabaga, turnips, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, arugula, horseradish, radish, watercress, wasabi.

Step 6: Boost Mitochondria

Mitochondria are tiny energy factories in our cells affected by gut, nutrition.

Dr. Hyman has seen nutrients given to a subset of kids with autism lead to recovery. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s also mitochondrial diseases. The brain uses the most energy, has the most mitochondria. Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), the mitochondria are not fixed, you can fix them.

Identify the poisons and stop exposure to them. One of the biggest is damaged vegetable oils, fried foods. Mercury also.

Is this the future of medicine? All inflammation comes from the mitochondria, there’s no other source of it. Get to the root of this problem.

Breakdown in mitochondria caused by SAD (standard American diet) and reduced nutrient intake preventing antioxidants doing their job. Body needs zinc and selenium.

Essential for boosting mitochondria: Omega 3 fats, B vitamins - Niacin (B3) and Riboflavin (B2)

Top mitochondrial nutrients:

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Alpha Lipoic Acid


NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)



Riboflavin (B2)

Niacin (B3)

N-Acetyle Cysteine (NAC)

Step 7: Calm the Mind

Chronic stress damages the mind and body. Replace negative thoughts with positive, circuits will disintegrate from disuse. Stress is valuable, it’s how you manage it. Gratitude exercise every night. Notice the goodness and look for what’s going well. Ask, “what are my choices?” Become empowered in your life. Look for reward, something pleasurable. Look for connection. Writing is releasing, journal writing can be cathartic.

6 week plan

1 - Eat right for your brain

2 - Tune up brain with supplements, high-quality multivitamin, magnesium, D3, Omega 3, and methylation factors Folate, B6, B12. Probiotics.

3 - Exercise every day. It’s critical for the brain that we move our bodies, even if just walking. improves mood. But that won’t get you hippocampal growth of new cells or increase brain growth factors. Need intensity.

4 - Sleep. Sacred space to recover and heal. EMFs - decrease after a brain injury.

5 - Relax and connect with others. Train your brain - new hobby, Sudoku, new language.

Meditation, sensory genomics, proprioception. Always challenge yourself to learn new things. Exercise: close your eyes as you wash dishes. brings awareness to senses, activates the brain.

6 - Live clean and green. There is a cumulative effect of neurotoxins. Eat organic food. EWG (Environmental Working Group) has good guides.

True health is not about the absence of disease. It’s about the presence of energy and vitality.

He asked the experts he interviewed for their top tips for brain optimization (some repetition here. also, platitude alert ;))

Datis Kharazzian - neuroplasticity - 1- sleep 2 - exercise (high intensity for BDNF) 7 minute workout. Do what you’re bad at - best way to develop neuroplasticity

sleep, green your life, organic, avoid metals and chemicals, find a relaxation practice every day.

Brain training - mental fitness. We all can have better, brighter brains. Life long leaning, neurogenesis requires novelty and nutrition. Juggling creates new white matter in the brain. Brush your teeth with or eat with the opposite hand to give the brain fresh challenge.

Use your brain in conversation, puzzles, books

Exercise every day, eat from the rainbow, sleep 7-9 hours

Get connected, stay connected. Harder as we age, sit in chair you’ll erode.

Community: family/neighbourhood/broader context. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle. Real connection. Vitamin O (oxytocin, mammals get when together, social bonding) Blue Zones, communities of longevity and health characterised by community, purpose, cohesion.

Power of connection, love, community. When mitochondria don't work, you don’t have the energy to do that. Feedback loop breaks down.

Comfort from physical contact. touch is how we know we’re safe.

Community and connection. being and staying more social is even more important than exercise. Being in a small tribe (a la hunter gatherers)

Health is contagious. Deliberately cultivate people who make you healthier. Build a support system.

There is always something you can do to improve. Never give up.


Marvelous, Wellness. You even spelled out MARcONs!!! The nose is a real entry way for disease. I have used XClear for years. Interesting about the gum disease and wonder what happens to people with dentures. Does it evade periodontal disease or cause more toxicity? Also, I've been thinking about sulfation for a while as they pointed out the two systems....methylation and sulfation. I think they are both big deals. I have some notes on that from the SIBO Summit II. Unfortunately it was running at the same time as Betrayal. It's very interesting. I wondered why Izabella brought up molybdenum in her series. I am so grateful to these wonderful doctors who are freely imparting this practical information. And I'm so glad you are as interested as I am. Thank you for the support and assistance.


I agree with your approach, Heloise. We have to educate ourselves and be informed consumers and full participants in our health care. It sounds like you have really explored a lot of these series. Thanks for sharing what you've learned here. I hope you've been able to apply what you are learning in ways that have improved your health!


Thank you for this wellness1. I sign up for most summits but had to pass as not up to it at the moment so very grateful for your summary. Not much brand new there but very good to have everyone reinforcing the messages, and very pleased with MARCoNS being discussed more openly. Glad that I have found my community.


I'm sorry you've not been well, cwill and I hope you begin to improve soon. I only saw a few episodes. These series do tend to feature 'the usual suspects' repeating their core messages. The information may be a revelation to those hearing it for the first time and, as you say, reinforcement for those who are familiar with the material.

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Thanks 🙂

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Trouble is it's often a viscous circle. Research in this country relies heavily on grants from pharmaceutical companies but a plus point is that many learned scientists work in groups that can include different counties. My husband was working with USA, South Africa, Belgium as well as the UK and often had to fund his travel expenses himself plus of course just because you think a. Retain result is plausible there is no guarantee that's the way the research will take you so it can be very expensive with little reward. But encouraging to hear that ideas are forthcoming and if not for us for our children.

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Is this the Dr Tom O'Bryan series? They are going to replay all episodes one weekend. It said in an email, we would get an email to say when it would run.


Yes, it's the same series but I had an email from Dr. Murray. I have the feeling the invitation may come from associates as well. It's important to spread the word.

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Hi - on doing some deep research into various symptoms I have suffered over the years which I attributed solely to thyroid issues and were never resolved when on thyroid meds - I found that low progesterone/oestrogen dominance is related to TPO antibodies amongst many other issues - also it bumps up growth hormone which i was always low on and B6 - I was amazed.



Yes, keep doing your research. This series which is replaying just for the weekend had mentioned "balancing hormones" as almost the first step in treating almost anything.

I didn't understand, what bumps up growth hormone?

This guy points out some deficiencies and other causes of low thyroid.



I was actually diagnosed several years ago with growth hormone deficiency - was given it to take - didn't agree with so gave up - most of issues with 'things not agreeing with me' is due in my opinion and in my case - to low progesterone - or indeed being so oestrogen dominant - then the pathways are blocked and unable to do their job - progesterone raised growth hormone and I have proved it - when I went on the prog cream I had bloods done and the levels had raised almost double.


I looked back at a couple of your posts and see you have made quite a journey. Do you feel you have autoimmune issues, I see you mentioned lupus as well as thyroid. We've had access to the Broken Brain, Longevity, Thyroid Secret and several other very informative series and in the U.S. the development of an autoimmune division at the Cleveland Clinic. I think these conditions all have something in common. This new series Awakening from Alzheimers has added even more to this belief and balancing hormones seems to be the first attempt by functional doctors to treat it. I do also think that lack of progesterone can be at the bottom of some symptoms since the adrenals "steal" progesterone if stress or thyroid hormones are involved. I wish these doctors would combine their theories and hopefully watch each other's interviews during the series. They may not recognize what the viewers are finding out by watching all of them. regainyourbrain.awakeningfr...


Hi - yes got autoimmune Hashi's and Lupus is autoimmune too - unfortunately - got the auto immune side from my late Mother ad her family genes. Yes Menopause is the trigger - did you know that as the oestrogen etc. drops down at menopause it is the ADRENALS that take up the slack - hence anyone who sales through the menopause has good functionally of the adrenals.


I've heard this enough to believe it, it's not the genes but it's what turns them on that is the problem. When you find what turns them on, whether gluten, heavy metals, toxins, vegetable oils (big), you can try to turn them off. You've probably seen John Bergman's videos who seems to know everything. Ray Peat is also great if you can understand his articles. He's technical but if you've had some training you may be able to interpret. He has good articles on progesterone.


my problems were there from birth then mega stressful life did it for me


Sorry, I guess you pulled the short straw.

The theory behind this is that your hypothalamus stores stress and that is ultimately what causes illness. I've mentioned this man before and it can be a good addition to health management.


Thanks for the conversation and I wish you the very best.




This last interview talks about genetic expression if you care to watch. Only on for today. regainyourbrain.awakeningfr...


I think this is why menopause is a prime time for TPO problems.


I'm pretty new to this and I'm so confused on my treatment, my diagnosis since there is many but I started having seizures at the end of 2016 and from that point on I've been through a lot and I am learning a lot. I have had blood work from my endo and he said I have celiac disease, my Neuro says I have generalized seizures, secondary seizure disorder, and pysudoe seizures due to high anxiety. I have had my genes tested and I can't really understand them. I'm lost still and it's been almost 2 years. I can't work, I don't like going nowhere, anti social, depression, adhd, and trying to get that all figured out. When I was little I had my tonsil removed and adenoids taken out tubes put in my ears. I also caught MRSA about 7-8 years ago. I'm notorious for infections. Keep bronchitis and I can't seem to get the doctors to all communicate so please any advice would be great.


I'm sorry I meant to tell you o bad a mass in my book it was removed and it was a tumor. Non cancerous and my father passed in 2017 from pancreatic cancer and other things. I also know I seen a gastro and I had a colonoscopy and a down the throat procedure done and I had inflammation in my intestines but came back as gastritis so I really am lost. My endo also said I don't absorb vitamins and nutrients I need so I'm getting other test. He's really the only one that has helped but still lost. If any questions I will try to answer I am pretty private so sorry in advance


Kris, right now I want to say you can turn a lot of this around. Your body is reacting to what has happened to it and it is perfectly capable if you give it what it needs. First, explain this sentence please " you o bad a mass in my book it was removed and it was a tumor"


Sorry i meant to say a fibrosystic mass in my boob.


Doctors give these fancy names to diseases and then try to find a pill for it. What should be done is to strengthen your own systems. It's hard if you are taking a lot of medication already but the triggers are usually gluten, dairy, or corn. If you could start with changing this part of your diet because these will cause inflammation in your gut. When that happens, it's hard for you to digest and absorb nutrients. That starts a downward spiral because every organ needs certain nutrients.

Most of us who have Hashimoto's go on to have even more problems like lupus, celiac, etc. even cancer is called last stage autoimmune disease. They are all connected to same issue which is inflammation.

I wish I could help you with your genetic report. I thought there was a website that would help you decipher what they mean. I know of a few genes related to disease but still I think genes only play 20% of the problem. You can turn them off as well as turn them on. Somewhere in your genes you must have some predisposition to the seizures.

The problem is finding a good functional doctor to help guide you because I've listened to at least one hundred functional doctors and they usually tell the patient to do the diet change and then balance their hormones. Then they recommend supplements. When the stomach acid gets low you have a set up for infections, bacterial overgrowth, and parasites. So they treat those. Almost all of them said that relaxation techniques or mindfulness does the most good believe or not. That quiets the hypothalamus and discharges stress. Do you think you would like to pursue that? People do get well.


Is there a way to take a picture and send it directly to you


You might be able to post it under a private message. Look up at Chat and click on it.


I've also been a a gluten free diet and it seems to help with flare ups.


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