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I really need help. I made an appointment with a private doctor in an attempt to get a private prescription of Armour (as I feel so ill on Levothyroxine). I had already rung his receptionist to check he would prescribe it. When I paid for a very expensive consultation it was clear he did not know what i was talking about and was very patronising. He had a book 'his bible' he called it of medications. He said he could not prescribe Armour or Nature thyoid as there were were not in his 'bible' and he even gave it to me to have a look! So I left with nothing and felt stupid. I did not know what to say if it was not in his 'book' which i presume was a dictionary of prescribed NHS medication. What can i do next please - where shall i go next - I feel so disappointed and hoodwinked! Please help

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  • Simply order NDT online and self treat using the excellent info in resourcessection on here

    Sadly very few doctors understand thyroid ...if you can get to Cardiff theres an excelkent NHS only one who whilst its a 6 month wait will support and monitor you

  • Sent you a pm.

    You just landed a bad one. Write this guy off!

  • You can certainly buy online, takes about 7 to 10 days to arrive. I've purchased twice in the last month no issues at all.

    Personally I would not have paid this guy. You made it clear before you arrived what you required.

    Good luck.

  • Please could you pm me and tell me where and how you ordered it - if you dont mind! Thank you

  • Hi pm sent.

  • I know how you feel. I spent a lot of money on seeing a private doctor (not thyroid-related). Apart from being badgered to pay his bill by his secretary, I never even got a letter from the man on the results of our consultation. Instead he wrote to my GP (much to my horror) and bad-mouthed and insulted me in his letter. (My GP gave me a copy of the letter.)

    I was absolutely furious! Needless to say he won't be getting any more business from me. I will make sure though, that in any future appointments I have with private doctors I will forbid them from writing to my GP and will insist they write to me instead. That's what I had assumed would happen. But the absurdities of private medicine and the medical profession caught me out.

  • Good grief: "Instead he wrote to my GP (much to my horror) and bad-mouthed and insulted me in his letter". I take it your GP disregarded such a letter and I'm so sorry to read that a professional person insulted you.

    afaik, most private consultations with a surgeon/other HCP result in a letter to your GP - I've not had any that didn't (except perhaps for physiotherapy).

  • My GP and I never discussed the letter. I wouldn't have brought the subject up myself and she didn't either. I would have been embarrassed if she had, under the circumstances.

    I think it is up to the patient who the private doctor writes to. I could have insisted that the private guy wrote to me and not the GP. I think most people would assume that the doctor would send them a copy of any letters since they are paying the bill. I certainly did, but it never happened. :(

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