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Please help me guys...a little upset and unwell!

Please help me guys...

I became diagnosed by blood test as hypo after birth of second child.

Have been taking 2 capsules of natural sources raw thyroid ever since (5 years)

Managed to shed lots of weight and got rid of this extreme puffy face and hands. Had energy.

Fastforward 5 years , fainted twice, rapid heart beat, sweating. Had full range blood tests done,

everything great

(b12 &d3 high)

ferritin severely low at 7 range is 200-300.

Free T4 0,88

TSH 2.30

Gaining fat, water retention,

I have upped my raw thyroid to 4 capsules. Feel a lot more energetic, still have the water retention and still can not lose weight.

If i up my dosage to 5 capsules i can not sleep, i feel like i have a racing heart (89 on resting) and feel exhausted but reved up.

I am also taking high dosage capsules for severe anemia

Thank you pls help im so confused

Do you think i need T3 only?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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Were you prescribed Levothyroxine when hypothyroidism was diagnosed?


Yes they prescribed levothyroxine but i did not take it because my mum that has hashimotos was on it previously and she didnt do well.

So i decided to also go on raw dessicated thyroid like her and skip the medications. As i was doing well i continued on the dose



TSH 2.30 indicates under medication. I can't tell whether T4 0.88 is good or bad without the range but T4 may be low in range if there is active T3 in Raw Thyroid. You've said you are unable to tolerate more Raw Thyroid so perhaps you could add 12.5-25mcg Levothyroxine to the 4 capsules you are taking. Raw Thyroid allegedly contains active T4 and T3 and it may be that there is too much T3 in 5 x RT for you. A FT3 test would show what your T3 level is.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I get my results for the t3 blood test today



Thank you for taking the time to reply

Under medication means im currently being medicated or means not medicated enough? Sorry just to clarify

I will redraw blood again on new dosage and reply

Do you all know anyone thats taking natural sources raw thyroid and doing well? I cant find any info on it online except iherb and amazon stock it and it is easy to get hold of

One more question

Sorry to be annoying

Which thyroidhormone or lack of thereof causes this water retention problem?

Thank you again


You have my sympathy. My ferratin was 5 last year.... Do you take a good quality iron supplement? Try Solgar gentle iron and combine with Spatone sachets. Sounds like you need an understanding doctor to sort out your meds.


Hello ada

How long did it take you to get your levels up?

What where your symptoms?

Im always sweating and exhausted

Muscle aches

But im also under medicated with thyroid so i am

Trying to get my iron up and then increaSe Ndt


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