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VitD, mag & new doctor!!

Ok just been to the doc & guess what, he's just started taking levo himself, well I was like the Cheshire Cat. He understood that my TSH was suppressed as my antibodies were positive & my levo has been raised. He didn't flinch when I said I'd had tests done privately. He has given me vitD tablets 800IU (twice a day) & says he'll test again in 8 weeks AND do a full thyroid test as well as vit c & antibodies. I was so taken aback I forgot to ask about K2.

So now I have the D3 - how much K2 should I take

I have vit C & b12 already as well as my top up of ferritin & folic, but I'm thinking of getting a bit B complex which may contain these.

Also need magnesium citrate

So I have a shopping list can anyone recommend brands & dosage please

Thanks x


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this is great where possible get all vits that are 100% natural and derived from natural sources synthetic vitamins are bad


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