VitD results

25OH VitD2 <5

25OH Vit D3 13

Prescribed 20,000 IU one a day for two weeks then one monthly for six months then re-test. Prescription of Fultium have gelatin in them, refined maize oil, butylated hydroxytoluene, glycerol, quinoline yellow, purified water. Not happy with gelatin and concerned about the other contents.. Can you good people please recommend a vegetarian/vegan option that fits the bill? What dose of K2 do I need to aid absorption and has anybody had any side effects with this dose that I need to consider. Thank you.

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  • what was your vit D level. Mine was 9 and the endo prescribed Ergocalciferol drops 20,000 i.u each week for 212 weeks then re tested. Adcal D3 is not strong enough.

  • Hi floraldaisy, VitD2+D3 13. What is Adcal?

  • Hi Should be 12 weeks at 20,000 i.u each week not 212!!!

    Adcal D3 is a combination of calcium and vitamin D3 but at a very low inadequate dose.I would not bother with calcium carbonate as it clogs up the blood vessels.

    I think you can only get the drops by prescription. Your bloods need monitoring though so please be careful.My endo set my range at 80.

    I suspect the dose of vitamin D depends on how deficient you are in it.

    I am intolerant to corn, wheat, gluten, soy, amaranth, aspartame many drugs contain the afore mentioned. Another nasty is sorbitolwhich uses severe diarrhoea!!

  • Ooooh diarrhoea! That is my worry as I have so many allergies, corn me too, that I expect stomach problems. Thank you for info, lots to consider.


    You may wish to look at the above link and website about interval dosing .... that is large amounts weekly ....

    I have read that starting low and slow is also good.

    The D3 suggested by SeasideSusie contains only Olive Oil and D3. Click onto her name and you can then click onto her replies ....

  • Thank you Marz, will do.

  • It's only a chart - so won't take long :-)

  • I was told by someone on the Vit D forum that one of the contents in Fultium is carcinogenic so I presume it's the toluene bit.

  • Thank you silverfox7. I had to have Fultium swapped to vegetarian ProD3 because of the gelatin. I will check for toluene.

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