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New results after upping Levo

New results after upping Levo

Hi all,

Just had my latest bloods back from BH and just wondered what suggestions there were for me.

I raised my Levo to 100mcg a day as 75 wasn't quite right and I still felt below par.

Since the raise to 100mcg about 8 weeks ago I've felt loads better

I supplement with B12 and B complex and also selenium, Vit D3 and K2-7.

As you can see from the vitamin results I'm pretty useless at keeping a routine but the sun has clearly helped my Vit D since my last BH test.

Having a bit of a mild flare at the moment so the antibodies didn't surprise me, it was the T4 a bit over range that I'm curious about, T3 I think looks good also.

Any helpful pointers would be appreciated or just reassurance 👍🏻

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TimD Are you going to show your GP these results? I'm just wondering if he'll freak out over your FT4. I would say it's nothing to worry about. Your TSH isn't suppressed, and your FT3 is well within range with plenty of room to increase if necessary. So as you feel a lot better, things are good!

One thing I would say is that your conversion rate isn't quite good enough. Good conversations place when FT4: FT3 ratio is 4:1 or less, yours is 4.64 : 1 but if you feel good then it's nothing to worry about.

Your conversion should improve with optimal levels of all vitamins and minerals so try and get into a routine, make a spreadsheet and tick them off when you take them. Make sure you take your selenium regularly as that also helps with conversion.

Are you gluten free to try and reduce the antibodies?

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Hi SeasideSusie, thanks for the reply.

I won't be showing my GP as it would most likely have a negative effect.

We have 5 different Docs at the surgery and I've only just managed to find one of them that listens (sort of ).

The last GP I saw basically said "you know how you feel so you take what you think is best for you" he then prescribed me enough for up to 175mcg a day if needed so I now have spares.

How can I increase Folate ? The VitB has increased slightly but Folate has dropped.

I am not Gluten free, whilst I understand the benefits that may come from it I don't think I'm suffering enough to make the change just yet.

I have reduced my bread, pastries and beer intake though ( good old G&T substitute).

So, my ratio can hopefully be bettered by supplementing correctly to get my levels up so I better sort that out. I think rather than daily it's probably 2 or 3 times a week if I'm lucky that I remember.


TimD - you can Google for folate rich foods although I know that leafy greens is one source, also spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli

, beans and legumes (e.g. peas, blackeye beans), yeast and beef extracts, oranges and orange juice, wheat bran and other whole grain foods, poultry, pork, shellfish and liver, fortified foods (e.g. some brands of breakfast cereal). I don't know how much you would need to eat on a regular basis to raise folate level.

I wonder if your folate dropped because your B Complex contained folic acid rather than methylfolate, and not very much of it. 400mcg methylfolate is a good amount. Quality of supplements is paramount. Cheap ones are cheap for a reason, often containing the wrong form of the ingredient and maybe not a lot of it.

I got my bottom of range folate up to top of range in 2.5 months by taking 1 x Thorne Basic B daily.

Being gluten free can reduce antibodies and slow down the destruction of your thyroid. Gut problems seem to go hand in hand with Hashi's. I'm not Hashi's so can't speak from experience but there are many members who can extol the virtues of being gluten free.


Thanks again for the advice.

What you say regarding B complex makes sense because that's the only cheap one I purchased ( H&B ) I'll have a look for the methylfolate.

I have no doubt Gluten free is the direction I should be heading as I get bloated and gassy ( sorry ) after a meal but I suppose I'm concerned about eating out and also holidays abroad and finding the right eateries.


Just out of curiosity, would I need to take the B12 still alongside the B complex ?



"Just out of curiosity, would I need to take the B12 still alongside the B complex ?"

With your B12 level of 382, you need a good amount to bring that up to the very top of the range, so 5000mcg daily to start, then 1000mcg daily as a maintenance dose. B12 needs to be taken sublingually as methylcobalamin for best absorption, taking B12 as a tablet means there is a possibility with some people that stomach acid can destroy it.

A B Complex is needed to keep all the B vitamins in balance. B Complex comes as tablets so not the best way to take B12, also there is rarely enough B12 in a B Complex to raise your level, it usually just a small amount.

As you get boating and gas after eating, you have probably realised that you need to be gluten free. Why not start a new thread asking for advice on what people who are gluten free do when eating out and on holiday. I'm sure you'll get some helpful replies.

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