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Husband's Bloods

Hello I've asked for help for my husband before and advice was given which we tried! He started taking thyroid S and got up to 4 grams! At first he felt better but then he got worse and I suspect he was taking too much and his ducks weren't in a row! He's 65 and sometimes has to go out to work in the middle of the night which doesn't help! He has a large tummy and can't lose weight. He also feels tired depressed and generally not well. He stopped taking the thyroid S completely 6 months ago. He's also been told he has left hyper ventricular trophy! He has normal blood pressure and exercises daily doing Zumba! Here are his recent bloods sorry some we don't have range for! Thank you in advance for your help! I wondered about ordering nature thyroid if you think that might help! Thank you

Low testosterone 12.2

Hscrp 0.9

Blood cortisol morning 345 low

Hba1c 38


Vitamin d 175nmol

Magnesium 0.84mmol(0.73-1.06)

Tsh 0.970mlU/l(0.550-4.780)

Ft4 15.71pmol/l (11.50-22.70)

Ft3 4.53 pmol/l (3.50-6.50)

Rt3 0.22 ng/ml (0.09-0.35)

Hope this helps thank you


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Your husbands thyroid results are euthyroid and don't indicate thyroid dysfunction or any need for thyroid replacement.

HBa1C <48 usually rules out diabetes.

VitD is good.

I can't advise about low testosterone and low cortisol. Perhaps you could write a new post asking how to cope with low testosterone and cortisol.


Thank you Clutter will do!


I believe 42 -48 is the pre - diabetic range somworth taking care with diet.


Left ventricular hypertrophy may be due to a lot of endurance exercise such as cycling in his younger days. It's more of a concern when blood pressure is high.


Thank you for your helpful replies


Thank you are there any tests for this Sandy please?


Thank you


i would put him on t3 with no t4.


Hello Faith63 could you message me with more information please? Thank you


please contact Shaws on this forum, for links to Dr. John Lowe, who was a pioneer in treating resistance to thyroid.


Brilliant thank you


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