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Anybody here Really need to fine tuning their NDT dose? Like going up or down with 7.5 mg or less? Im asking because I needed to lower my dose 14 days ago because overdose symptoms and high ft3 over the range. And now I feel low with acing muscles and so on. I lowered with 15 mg. And feel maybe that this was too much. Or is it just me not beeing very pacient. Any input will be preciated

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  • Hi jeschiotz, lowering your dose by 7.5 mcgs. will hardly be noticeable unless you are only taking 1/4 or 1/2 grain of NDT. Do you mind saying what your normal dose was?

    Are you certain your symptoms were from over medication?

  • How are you taking your NDT? Do you have low morning cortisol? Have you had cortisol tested?

    I found I couldn't increase my dose as it made me feel worse and due to early morning low cortisol I needed to use the circadian method discovered by Paul Robinson.

  • Hi, do you happen to know what your t4 level is?

    The balance of t4 to t3 in NDT is 38mcg t4 to 9mcg t3, which can leave some people with low t4 and hypo symptoms and high t3, which also causes hypo-like symptoms.

    It's worth picking up a copy of tired thyroid or reading her website to understand what could be happening with your levels.

  • I was recently over medicated with NDT-long story and I was taking 2 1/4 grains. Endo told me to take in 1 grain for 10 days then slowly raise in 1/4 increments till feel ok but not more than to 1 3/4. So from that it doesn't look as you have cut down enough. Don't forget that NDT means you have an amount of T4 stored in your body.

  • Good point about the T4 sfox7. We are always thinking about the T3 we are getting from NDT but we are also storing T4, at least for 7 days (it's half life). I eat a couple of Brazil nuts (for Selenium - a catalyst) everyday to give that T4 every chance to convert to T3 if it is possible. And, if I still don't feel 100% I take a 25ug of T3 (which bought from Greece a little while ago.) That usually moves me back to at least normal and sometimes great!

    Just FYI my basic dose is 1.5 grains of Armour. And, (Jeschiotz) if you are new to all of this, it has taken me months of fiddling around with the dose, the maker, and the doctor to find the perfect medication. Sadly, we are all different, so what was a good dose for me will probably not be for you.

  • Thanks everyone for answering . My Cortisol Salvia values are: 16,9-12,5-6,6-5,5 -<3. Thats 5 equally spaced tests from 0700-2200. B12 is 550,- and Iron is ok. So I guess no adrenal problem. Before I got hypo I was nuked with Graves with no antidotes so I know when Im overdosed. A lot of trembeling, body temp up .5 degree, and fatigue. When lab came back with Ft3 slightly over the range 6,6( range 4,9-6.5)I choose to go down. I lowered from 135 to 120 mg daily. Ft4 was 17,7(range 11-22). Im at my best with TSH around 1,5 and ft3 5,7. The thing thats puzzling me is that now Im back at a dose which left med underdosed during this winter with TSH around 4 and low values of Ft3 and Ft4. But now it seems like replacement hormones just overflow. Maybe my hardtraining during januar/februar march Did this?

  • If I were you I would hold for 6 weeks on this does before changing. I've often felt crap for a week or 2 on a particular dose. As others have said, you will have a lot of T4 in your system still. Keep checking your temp, pulse, etc. And if you haven't done before start doing so. You may notice something you can use as a clue from that, that you're not getting from symptoms or blood tests. It's very difficult to gauge, I think.

  • When I overdosed my temp steadily raised to 37 and stayed there. My pulse was up to around 65. When I lowered my dose temp went down to 36.5 and at first my pulse went down to around 58 after 3-5 days but now after 17 days ny pulse is fluctating around 60-65 from day to day. What can I expect for the next 14 days?

  • I tune every few hours. I take my temp every 1 or 2 hours. If it is falling toward 36C I take more and if it is close to 37C I take less. Each day I dump 60 - 90mg powder into a 1.5L drink bottle and fill with water. I consume this over approx 24 hours. If I am out in the cold or doing exercise I use more and if I watching TV I use less. At night I have 2-3 mouthfulls before sleep and again at 3-4am. I can't do 60-90mg all at once I go completely Hyper

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