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Hello Motorbikehead74

I am new on here. I can't pretend l am knowledgable enough to understand your test results but you give a list of supplements you are taking and, like you l have been advised to up my vits, minerals and nutrition and as l have Hashimotos and spend at least one whole day a month with horrendous vomiting, wretching the whole day on an empty stomach and as lm unable to hold fluid down l was put on a drip for chronic dehydration after a day like this. This was terrifying for me because they put me on a drip as they thought l was at risk of going into kidney failure (l only have one kidney as l donated one to my brother 9 yrs ago). My point is, l tried supplements, healthy eating and you MUST give up gluten too but l have been juicing fruit and veg every day and feel great on it, my thyroid function after 6months has improved and my doctor is impressed with results as l do not want to take synthetic thyroxine.

You really can hugely improve you intake of vits and minerals by just juicing, maybe once a day, Jason Vale has been a massive inspiration for me, he has a great documentary on YouTube if of interest. I still don't feel completely well but with the support of a good nutritionist and juicing to support your body towards better health you could start heading in the right direction. From juicing, I've gone from terrified to hopeful in six months so l feel lm at least helping myself to head in the right direction. Good luck, hope it is of some help.

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Welcome to the forum, Holly333.

I'll paste a link of your post into Motobikemad74's post.


Thanks holly,

I'm sorry you have felt so ill. Vomiting is awful, especially when it's left you so dehydrated. I do need to look at my diet and my gp has referred me to a dietician. Not sure how much they will be helpful as they just toe the nhs line. But we'll see.

Don't think I could live on juices though! I'm glad it's working for you. Maybe I could introduce it in my diet a little. Let us know how you get on. Thanks for your reply. :-)


Thanks Motorbikemad74 .

Two books that give really good detailed advice about recovering from an autoimmune disorder are:- The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum and also The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers, you can look them up on Amazon, might be helpful as the dietician your Dr refers you to might not really understand the role food and allergies play in damaging or healing the immune system. In fact, my doctor said going wheat free would make no difference at all and it definitely has. Ask to have a food allergy test. Also, l def don't live on juices, only have one a day and think they've been a great help improving my digestion, most diets for Hashimotos rec avoiding gluten, grains etc and adopting paleo diet. Also see the documentary SuperJuiceMe by Jason Vale, free to watch on YouTube, it's all good healing with diet advise, one man (Andy) started the month on 52 prescribed meds and ended the month needing only 2, powerful and thought provoking stuff. Anyway, Hope you find something of help, good luck to you.


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