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I’ve today received an email letter from Sarah Wollaston, MP and Chair of Health Committee. Seems like she is taking some action.

Thank you for your email of 5 June concerning Liothyronine (T3) and the investigation in the Times newspaper reporting extortionate costs of generic drugs to the NHS.

I was deeply concerned by the issues raised in the Times and wrote to the Secretary of State to seek assurance that such allegations are appropriately investigated as a matter of urgency and to identify and investigate other pricing irregularities if they exist. The Secretary of State’s reply to my letter was published on our website earlier this week



The Health Committee awaits with interest the decision or action taken by the Department as a result of the Competition and Markets Authority’s investigation and the Department’s own consultation on the pricing of branded health service medicines.

Thank you for writing to me.

Yours sincerely

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

Chair of the Committee

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  • Not sure that The Secretary of State's reply to her letter is available to see ..... will check it out.

  • marigold22 When I tried the link it said 'resource could not be found '

    But well done, your email certainly seems to have prompted some action, hopefully there will be a good outcome.

  • Sarah Wollaston has sent it all in pdf format... uncertain how to copy and paste... have tried about ten times! Will find a way to post the two letters - one from Jeremy Hunt to Sarah Wollaston and one from George Freeman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences to Professor John Wass.

  • Hi Marigold22

    Well done you, but i cannot click on the secretary of states reply as you have already noted.

  • Will upload the letters, thanks

  • Thanks for updating us, Marigold22.

    Can you check the link please. I get an error message when I try to access it.

  • Thanks for doing this. You can find the letters here: parliament.uk/documents/com... .

    This response is the same 'cut & paste' response I received. They say how concerned they are and then go on to list vague processes and possible reasons (excuses) for paying over the odds.

    Freeman even has the gall to write 'to look at ways that the NHS can secure discounts in return for partnership-working with companies on research and development' - he wants to give even more NHS money to these crooks in return for 'discounts'.

    I'm not sure how we can progress this, perhaps follow it up with our MPs in a week or so when the current news frenzy has died down.

  • Hi, thanks for getting the link up. I received the 2 letters - one from Jeremy Hunt and one to Prof Wass.

  • Having read all the letters three times (brain fog!), one or all of them need an extremely strong kick up the butt

  • So sorry Marigold. I know just how you feel. I wrote to Jeremy Hunt some time ago re. T3 and, more recently, in connection with misdiagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency (and not in accordance with guidelines and latest research).

    It's not your brain fog - I received back pages of gobbledygook each time.

    Just heard this afternoon that Jeremy Hunt is to stay on as Health Secretary. Someone on TV made the comment, "What does someone have to do to lose their job?! 😱😰😖. I despair....

  • Freeman replied to me over a year ago with a load of reasons why prices were different but no indication of any action or even investigation.

  • well done for writing in and even better that you got a reply. Look forward to reading the reply. Let's hope it won't take too long for action!

  • Link to Sarah Wollaston's letter to Hunt: parliament.uk/documents/com... .

  • Is there any way we can contribute to this effort maybe by telling our own stories? I'm in danger of having my script taken away due to cost (explicitly stated by a gp at my surgery) and am preparing for any eventuality by keeping details of where to order online. I may not be at my absolute best on this script but it's a world away from being on levo alone and I do not intend to go back.

  • That's what I hoped too ellismay. Unfortunately not - see above - just heard he's staying 😡

  • It may be that it's personal to you. In fact it is brilliant that you've had such a positive response. We await with bated breath! :)

  • Ave, marigold22

    I note with some rancour that it appears the Secretary of State for Health has access to the same drop down 'standard paragraph' tool as the Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences, but the former has a finer grasp of grammar. Bah Humbug to the pair of them :P

    Further, Rt Hon Mr Hunt perhaps you can tell me what there is to 'consider' before you 'put measures in place to routinely and systematically monitor significant price increases of generic medicines ?' How many more millionaire misanthropes do we need before this consideration stops and we see some action ? :X

    But all hail to you marigold, nonetheless

  • Totally concur Rapunzel, very succinctly written

  • I also took this matter up with my local mp, and received a copy of George Freeman's reply. I am now thinking of writing to George Freeman suggesting the nhs buys direct from Europe at a considerably cheaper price, may need a different MHRA/NICE directive.

  • Excellent idea. I'm feeling so frustrated today with those letters from the 'top people'.

  • I am writing the letter this afternoon!!

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