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Thank you all for the replies at currently i take 125mcg thyroxine daily this has not altered for a year or more also citalopram which was 20mg (but as i have felt so rubbish last week I decided to take 40mg which I had weaned myself off) not sure if this has made any difference I have always felt that how I feel has more to do with my thyroid than with depression or can underactive thyroid cause depression (it is not something i would like to tell anyone I have got) I also take lansoprazole 15mg due to feeling nauseous GP said i was producing too much acid, Iused to take iron tablets till a new GP questioned it then was sent for test to see if I had an ulcer never found out the cause but perhaps it is my diet as I am vegetarian I don't know the last test results but will find out when I go for the next blood test and ask for the other tests to be done, Do I have a right to ask for them? Thanks again for replies

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  • >can underactive thyroid cause depression?

    It can, but there are a multitude of other causes. You also report fatigue, a symptom with many underlying causes as well as thyroid disease.

    Hot sweats are not typical of hypothyroidism, but are common when the thyroid is overactive, or when the dose of thyroid meds is too high! Hot sweats can be caused by infections, menopause (including early stages), anxiety and some medications. Citalopram sometimes causes sweating.

    >I also take lansoprazole 15mg due to feeling nauseous.

    Lansoprazole may reduce levothyroxine absorption and increase dosage requirements over time. Your symptoms are rather confusing however, and your doctor would be guided by your blood tests before making any changes to your medication.

    >I am vegetarian I don't know the last test results but will find out when I go for the next blood test and ask for the other tests to be done, Do I have a right to ask for them?

    I think you're meaning the vitamin B12 and other tests? You can certainly ask, and your doctor will decide. B12 deficiency has been reported in vegetarians, so you could mention this.

  • Hi Depression is often treated when I is really the thyoid, this is well known by good psychiatrists and has been so for years. Even when bloods OK, often the only way they can help depression is with thyroxine too.

    Always ask receptionist, hospital secretary for all blood results, not just thyroid but make sure they are with the ranges. You are entitled to them, routine as your blood, nothing to do with data protection.

    For thyroid it is essential to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 done for correct treatment. Bloods re done 6 weeks after start of treatment, adjustments. then and to continue like that until stable, commonly after 1 year You also nee the other autoimmune and hormonal tests, B12 + foliates, B12 should be well in range, Iron/ferritin likewise. Diabetes, vit D ( hormonal), if low or low in range then a corrected calcium test before treatment, D doe usually put calcium up and calcium must always be in range, very important as an electrolyte..Any proton pump inhibitors, although you are on a a small dose, should only be taken if really needed.

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi Thank you for your reply Iam seeing GP tomorrow for another blood test will get results of last one and let you know' how do I explain to people at work how I am feeling without sounding like a complete idiot? as many people don't know how it makes anyone with a thyroid problem feel this includes my family who I think have put up with a lot over the years and I feel very guilty about this it is nice to be able to explain to other people what it is like without without feeling as though I am making excuses. Thank you

  • HI , Well that is nigh impossible. As thyroid disease is common there are 2 problems with it, a lot of GP`s do not understand it but think they do. The second is for the same reason, family etc. do not understand.Family, I would just ask if they can see a difference in how you were and are now, also tell them that once the treatment is right for you, you will be back to yourself again.If it was me, I would not say too much at work, or you will get a lot of amateur docs! The real ones can be bad enough!. People will never understand, unless it is happening to them. Ju8st say along the lines , you have a problem with your blood and as soon as sorted out with medication you will be fine, but at the moment it is making you very tired and unable to concentrate. Any illness does anyway., I had Hypo 20 years before diagnosed, years ago now, so I know very well how living without the proper treatment is hard.If the GP does not sort you out, often takes a year, then find a good Endo, research carefully, then ask for a referral.

    Best wishes,


  • jackie what could a person do when the doc is unfamiliar with hypothyroid and one can't choose a good endo--as we have only 1 in our whole rural area and even he left for awhile and there wasn't any, then a locum, then the endo came back recently, it seems a scary scenario as i'm still waiting to see the only one we have & if he is not up to snuff am i up s.... creek without a paddle, can't even get T3 from doc & will only do a tsh and t4 blood test not t3 or whatever it's called & the ceiling comes down if i even mention natural desiccated thyroid & oh before it's said on here--i am unable to move unfortunately,-- any advice would be appreciated ta, sky

  • Hi Not easy. I was untreated for 20 years, found out recently that a consultant had told my GP, no copies of letters then No TUK, On line tests, WEB etc. Now still a problem.

    First try a different doc in practice., perhaps wait until yours is away. Most important thing is a good listener, take yourself a list of symptoms. Then make sure you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, results + ranges. If not all 3 tested, try GP but may have to pay, Blue Horizon I use, quote TUK 10 for discount, venous or easier finger prick. One of the best Labs in the country, very reliable ( called TDL), then take the results to a GOOD doc.Once you have established that you need the other tests too.

    In theory you can see any NHS doc in the country, not easy though! If you pay to see a private Endo ( not thyroid doc) then you can see any, a few are good., if an Endo ( not a private doc), they will all write automatically for drugs to be prescribed under the GP`s care for safety, they only prescribe private ones at your request eg Armour. They also , if told self funding,write and request all tests under NHS via GP.. I have lots of private consultants they all do that, My Endo charges £150 for first visit then £90, all very long appointments, that is exceptional . However, they all have more time privately than NHS, that is the difference.

    I hope that has given you some ideas. Send me a Pm and let me know how you get on. One thing I have discovered you have to really push for the right treatment

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie,

    I thought Dr B charges £180 for first consultation, well that's what I am being charged for this Saturdays appointment... D x

  • Hi She has obviously put the charge up. I am not surprised as it has been the lower price for many years. She certainly would not overcharge, not like that at all.Nor does she charge extra for all the extra rime she often spends on her patients. One of my consultants, very good, but if I need half an hour, that is 2 appointments!


  • Not saying she would over charge at all Jackie. And its upon your recommendation that I am taking this chance with her on Saturday, so here is to hoping that finally there might be light at the end of this very dark tunnel! D

  • Of course, I did not think that, I must have put it badly! I have expected she would put her fees up, more in ,line with other consultants. Some I pay £150 for follow on consultations, for a few minutes. There are laid down charges, a Prof can charge something like £300!They can charge ;less than the scale, GMC but never more.I saw one Prof. last year, a surgeon, top man in his field, he walked in said "Well, surgery will kill you," I said "Can we discuss that", he said "There is no point, Goodbye"

    Best wishes for Saturday.


  • Oh my gosh how awful, I have seen a few over the years and my experiences are varied. One consultant I walked out on due to his dire attitude towards me, too many situations to mention.

    Dr B appears to be what I need at this time and I am sure she will be worth every penny along with the journey to get to see her. When booking a guesthouse I was having trouble finding somewhere to stay and it turns out Cliff Richard is playing Warick Castle on the Saturday, so the place is swarming with Cliff fans! He nearly scuppered my plans! ha ha

    Take care

    D :-)

  • I hope that you found somewhere. There are lots at Stratford, not far. I live in Solihull, 40mins, but some there too.I can imagine, Cliff Richard never fails to draw the crowds!

    Best wishes,


  • I have Hypothyroidism and depression and hot sweats (more due to diabetes type 2 I think) and many other 'complaints' I thought I was falling apart until I joined this site and found so many ''like me'' people. Isn't it great not to be the only one feeling that way! :). Hang in there it does get better with time and patience. I just gave my doctor a full arm of blood this morning (usually it flows so slow he gets tired of waiting lol ) he even had some to spare this time! I told him he should bottle it for next time its precious stuff! One way to tell people is not to tell them just point them in the direction of an internet site they can read for themselves in their own time when they are receptive. That way its not you telling them and they are educating themselves. I find those who have done that often say afterwards '' I had no idea'' and often they DO tell others which spreads the word which is what is needed. Good luck xx

  • p.s. forgot to say I got a stomach ulcer from taking so much meds and take omeprazole to control the effects now. My stomach was never good with medication and now I shake rattle and roll I take so many!

  • Can you tell me what a proton pump inhibitor is please? Thanks.

  • Hi Lansoprazole and other drugs ending in prazole . I take Omeprazole. are all called proton Pup inhibitors, fairly new drugs, very strong, max dose is 40 mg. Some cause different side effects to others. They should really only be presribed by a Gastro as strong but good. Until then Ranacidine was used, for most people that is still the preferred drug, max 400mg neither ideal for long term use. Also often gut problems my improve with thyroiid meds, of course like everything, they can get worse too!

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


  • "GP said I was producing too much acid"

    Please please make sure that this is actually the case. The real problem in autoimmune disease is often LOW stomach acid, if you google it you will see that the symptoms are very similar for low and high. If you take PPI's when you have low stomach acid this obviously makes the problem worse. GP's are not great at spotting the difference.

    You have symptoms and risk factors for B12 deficiency:

    - Vegetarian: B12 only available from animal products

    - PPI use: interferes with absorption of B12

    - Hypothyroidism: strong link with Pernicious Anaemia

    - Depression: reportedly the no. 1 misdiagnosis of B12 deficiency

    If you are going to the docs again, as others have suggested, make sure you are tested for vit B12, folate, ferritin and vit D. Being in the bottom of the normal range for any of these things is no good. Your doctor will tell you you're fine, so make sure you get copies of all your results, you have a right to them.

  • Hi, Sorry to hear your oh so familiar story but I just wanted you to know that my brother had a stomach ulcer for more than 30 years. His doctor told him they had discovered they are due to a virus and that if he took this heavy course of antibiotics that could make him feel very ill and not be able to work he would be fine. Needless to say he took the cure, didn't feel that bad when doing it and has never had another day of being in pain with his ulcer since.

    Now they have found that some peoples spinal trouble is also due to a virus and some mainly in Denmark are being offered the same,but it takes a lot longer and costs are more expensive but compared to back surgery minimal.

    G.P> can't be expected to know everthing but you think they might to check out what patients ask or tell them. Good luck.

    warmest regards, Gillykins

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