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Down 15 on NDT. Fatigue

After been slightly overdosed with tremors, high restpulse and higher temp I went down with 15 mg Armour 14 days ago. Now I have no stamina and fatigue is killing me. Is this just a phase or what?  14 days ago I had TSH 0,85, Ft 3 6,6 and Ft4 17.7.  

Now it is 5.0 on Ft3, TSH. 1,2 and ft4 14.5. Kortisol Salvia test, B12 and Iron is ok.   A little early for bloodworks I know so it will probably stabilize. But when will I feel better? 

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If you lower your NDT, your FT4 and FT3 are obviously going to go lower. You Don't give any ranges with your results, so it's really difficult to tell, but you didn't actually look to be over-medicated. I Don't think it's going to 'stabilise' any more than that unless you put your dose up again.

What do you mean by 'B12 and Iron is ok'? Optimal or just 'in-range? How's your vit D?


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