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Blood test results - can you offer help

After last summer's upset and managing to go hyper on Nutri Thyroid, I was managing ok until quite recently.  I had to change my adrenal support from Nutri Adrenal (due to bad adrenaline surges); moved to Thorne Ace and was having to take such quantities, I switched to Hydrocortisone which was suggested by Dr Peatfield initially but my gut was too messy.  Here are the results:

TSH 9.36

Free T4 15.21 range 12- 222

Free T3 4.50 range 3.1 - 6.8

CRP 2.3; Ferritin 86 (20 - 150); B12 668

Peroxidase abs 9.4  range < 34; Thryoglubin abs <10; range <115

My key symptoms are overheating sweating all day and in night; tiredness and of course, the shoulder and neck pain I get with being hypo. I am under quite of lot of pressure at the moment, as dad has terminal lung cancer with weeks to live and my hubby being misbehaved. Would stress be enough to wreck my improvements?

I am thinking about raising NT or should I go to NDT? Or I could look to include T3 and see if that helps? I have Endo appointments on 20 May (always a joy) and I am wondering whether to request a pituiaty scan to rule out any oddness there. I am much better than I was 12 months ago and I am back working but.....I am wobbling! Any ideas about what I could do please?

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NutriThyroid is a supplement.  It doesn't state whether there is active T4 or T3 in it, or if there is, how much.  TSH 9.36 is very high.  I would switch to Levothyroxine, T3, or NDT.

I'm very sorry your father is terminally ill.  While stress makes most conditions feel worse I doubt it causes TSH to rise so much.


Thank you. Until Xmas I had optimal results using Nutri Thyroid but it seems to have flipped 


Thank you for your response. I appreciate Nutri thyroid is a supplement but it has been a good job for me, giving optimal results previously.

I have been doing more research & I think I have a reverse t3 issue so I am going to do blood test & look into supporting liver better & adding in T3.


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