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Need help on my blood tests

FT3 4.4 range 3.5 to 6.5

FT4 16.8 range 9 to 24

TSH 0.21 range 0.3 to 6

Vitamin  B12 479 range 211 to 900

Ferritin 166.7 range 12 to 300

Foliate 6.6 range 2.4 to 20

I'm waiting on my Vitamins D and TPOA antibodies 

I feel something is wrong as I just can't loose weight regardless of diet and exercise and have progressively put on more weight since menopause which has acted like a double whammy !!

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Still waiting for someone to help me with these results 


Hi Carriebaby , I don't think there's many people knocking about so I can tell you what I have learned from reading on here before I sign off. The thyroid results look okay. Vitamin B12 is deficient under 500 and optimal at 1000 which is what hypos aim for, so that's low. Ferritin is optimal mid range so that looks okay. Folate could be better. As for the weight loss, that only seems to happen when anyone is optimally medicated. Hope that helps a bit until the owls awaken :)  I have gone from size 8 to 10 to size 14 to 16 in 2 years, it just keeps creeping on


Well I was a very slim person up until I took this horrid disease ! For the first few years I maintained the correct weight and was happy! But I've been on this drug for 18 years now and enough is enough....... I'm going to try NDT and up my B12 and Foliate as Levothyroxine isn't cutting it and I'm sick being told to join diet clubs like that's my problem!! All my added weight is round my stomach top of arms and bust's like a body of 2 put together coz my size 12 bottom looks ridiculous married with the size 16 top half 😭😩😡


Aww :( I thought you was trying something from the states? Have I got you mixed up with someone else?


No I am u have NDT from America going to give it a go 😀

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Ah good luck, it might be for you, we have to keep trying to see what's for us. I am actually starting to feel much better since my levo increase to 125mcg 5 weeks ago but I have had this feeling before only to crash again so not getting my hopes up just yet   


Well, to a doctor, they would look fine. Most doctors only look at the TSH anyway. However, your TSH doesn't really correspond to your FT3, which is rather low. Your FT4 is only mid-range, so there's plenty of room for an increase in dose.

I doubt if you would be able to lose weight with your FT3 that low. There is a slight... hesitation in the conversion, if you know what I mean. That could be down to your low B12 and folate. They both need to come up. But you'll know more when you get the other results.

Are you cutting back on your calories because of your inability to lose weight? If so, you need to eat more, because low calorie will have an adverse effect on conversion.

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I did lower my calorie intake coupled with 5k walks most days !! Not even an ounce of weight came off, which is soul destroying!! I have just had surgery so going to wait a week or 2 before I come off Levothyroxine and try NDT as I'm at my wits end between GP and nurses telling me I'm over weight and need to join a diet club 😤


Yes, well, doctors and nurses know nothing about it, do they!

It is soul-destroying when you can't lose weight. That's why you shouldn't try. The 5 k walks might be ok, if you Don't feel too washed-out after, but even so, won't make you lose weight, just stop you rusting up. lol

It's doubtful that it's even fat, so how is lowering your food intake going to help? It's got nothing to do with calories. And, a lot of hypos find that the more they eat (withint certain limits, of course! not encouraging you to pig out!) the easier it is to lose weight. That's what I've always found. It's just that eating enough is difficult, most of the time.    


Well I will come off levo in a few weeks and try NDT for a while nothing ventured nothing gained as my GP won't prescribe me T3 and says I'm converting properly 😤


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