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Levo supply

I have just started self medicating with 25mcg of levotiron ( intake 2 per day) i bought this while on holiday in Turkey...

I am going to run out before i am out there again to purchase more ( which you can buy over the counter in the pharmacy)

So if anyone can get nbox me where i can purchase levo i would be so greatful and will it matter if its a different brand?

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It is preferable if you take the same brand but if you cannot source it you have to take what you can.

I am assuming you are taking 50mcg daily (2 x 25mcg). Do you have a print-out of your latest blood test results with the ranges that you could post for comments from members? If you don't have them today, get a copy from surgery and do a new post with the ranges.

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Thankyou...i am waiting on the BH tests as they do the full range as you know my NHS ones  on 29/3/16 were "in range" at TSH 3.54 T4 at 11.9

Repeated with Endo on 21/04/16 those test results must be with the MI5 coz  they are proving to be very difficult to get hold of !!!!  Hense the BH testing so i know whats what....clearly NHS are only interested when my TSH is over 5 and want to retest in 6 months!!!

Yes i started 5 days ago taking 2x25 mcg have seen a slight improvement already...nothing to be singing and dancing about but never the less a little improvemnt...i wil indeed post up the results when they get back.. If it wasnt for this forum i would still be sitting like a duck waiting endlessly in turmoil for my result to get to the magic 5!


That's good you are taking charge of your health particularly if you've got clinical symptoms.

50mcg is a starting dose with 25mcg increments every six weeks till your symptoms have gone and you feel well.

The BTA (British Thyroid Association) guidelines state that we have to wait till the TSH reaches 10! before being prescribed. Nothing is mentioned about clinical symptoms the patient is having nor do they know them, that's another problem.

(I am not medically qualified  - I'd like to point out - just 'been there - done that :) 

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In all honesty i think i would be needing an undertaker if i left it to reach 10!!! Barbaric


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