mercury pharma levo supply

Just spoken to amco about how hard it is getting hold of their generic levo in my area at least,, they told me to tell the pharmacist to order teva as teva no longer do their own as we know but they're now just an agent for mercury p so sell their products. so if you can't get mercury pharma then ask for them to order teva and you'll get mercury pharma,, clear as mud I say.. so that's that one cleared up,,

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  • DOH! lol! xx

  • Very, very strange.

  • Do think Merc.Pharm make Actavist as well? The pharmacy are changing me to that, I am quiet worried as I will be going away for a month to Australia with new meds!

  • Thankfully, Activis is another pharmaceutical company which provides:-

    Actavis plc (NYSE: ACT) is a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing generic, brand and biosimilar products.

    Have a happy, healthy holiday.

  • Thank you Shaws that makes me feel good to get started on them. Maybe tomorrow.

  • I've instructed my pharmacy to supply me Actavis rather than MP. Its slightly less toxic IMO.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  • Oh that's reassuring. Hope we both get on well with it.

  • Biosimilar my 'arris!

  • Having taken Levo for more years than I care to remember I found, in the days you could get 3 months supply at once, that I was having to re-jig my dose slightly with every different make. I spoke to the pharmacist who suggested, at that time, that it could be the fillers but adreed with my suggestion that I should stick with one-which one would I prefer? With jiggling I could adjust to any so we went with the one that was most readily available-Goldshield 25's. This has been taken over by Mercury Phama as we all know. I did discover though from the PIL's that TEVA 25's were the same as Goldshield but not the 50's or 109's. I don't know whether that is still the same so I advise caution if ordering TEVA 50's and 100's, check first!

  • teva are merely peddling mercury p now, this is what I've been told,,

  • Yes I saw that yesterday on the link you sent me. I'm still waiting to get Actavis, hopefully should be on Monday now. With all the mergers it looks like MP and Actavis are the only choice in the uk now.

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