Obtaining T3 in France

Hi everyone, I am back again with more news regarding the purchase of T3 in France.

Today I visited a different pharmacy and ordered 4 boxes of T3 for this afternoon collection. (No prescription necessary)

The cost was 13.92 euros. about £ 11.80 UK .

This was for 120 tablets 25mg.

I am still trying to find out if these can be ordered in bulk, but so far have had no luck.

My Tyhroid s was shipped on the 19 April and has not yet arrived. I might even give T3 a try myself if it doesn't turn up soon.

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I read something similar on here recently. But many, of good authority, have said otherwise. I wonder if its different in regions ?

I don't know about other regions I wish I did. My dept is 86 it's a long journey from the coast. I have chatted to another girl who is going to try in Poitiers she will let me know. The French are extreme with rules and everything they can and cannot do, set rules about practically everything so it would be surprising not to be able to get this generally! You must ask for the correct name etc. I will find out but it is taking rather longer than expected. Most things that take time, however, are worth waiting for.

I use to live in department 86, in a little place called Brux about 12 kilometers nord ouest de Civray. I didn't know t3 existed then unfortunately. But I know greygoose is north of Paris and can't get it without a prescription. Think I've got that right, memory of a 🐠

I think the French have rules about rules don't they ? 😂

Yes I think that your right about that. I am roughly 3/4 hour from Civray south east.

That's right. Here in the Oise (60), you'd probably get thrown out on your ear if you asked for T3 without a prescription.

Bunnyjean, what exactly do you say when you ask for it? In French or in English?

Well the first time was in April after the discussions regarding T3 in the UK. I simply went along to my local pharmacy on the Friday morning and showed the assistant a piece of paper with the name of the product and the words T3. I did ask in French good morning please have you and then the paper. They didn't have stock so offered to order it for that afternoon. Since then I have tried several pharmacies. Now, of course I just take in the box and show that. This morning I ordered 4 boxes for this afternoon which I am picking up tomorrow. I have never been asked for a prescription. I hope this helps.

And, what you get is Cynomel?


Please, what is the name on the box, and made from where ?


You will have to PM me for a reply OK?

Hi again.

I am not sure how can I do PM.... ?!?


Where in France are you? Other French residents have said that they are required to produce a prescription to obtain T3.

Hi I am in Dept 86. When I visit La Rochelle a 2 hours drive away I will try there.

Er, yes, Bunny - but is it Cynomel? I asked in my local pharmacy here in France, but was emphatically told I needed a prescription. You seem to be mining a seam of gold! :-)

Yes it is Cynomel and it is made in France. It looks that way. I looked it up before I asked for it the first time and wrote just the name and T3 down on a piece of paper and they offered to order me some. How did you ask?

By the way where are you living in France?

Hi, Bunny. I live in Manche - Basse Normandie. I showed them a piece of paper with Cynomel written on it. Lady looked it up and no-no'd me. Mind you, they are very high tech... Maybe a smaller pharmacy might not be so er, savvy.

There are all high tech in that I mean they look on there computers to order it. I have been to small and large in different towns and they have all offered to order me some, without prescription. How did she look it up. Did you state that it was T3 i.e. Liothyronine sodique?

could you send the details [name of the pharmacy phone number ect ] i am desperate to get some T3 i would be very gratefull denniscrocker48@gmail.com

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