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Having read many posts on here relating to the varied ways/difficulties in obtaining T3 meds, would it not be possible for a central body like Thyroid UK to supply it, at a cost of course? So many people are prepared to purchase it, it just seems a logical way forward. They could negotiate a bulk purchase cost based on regular orders rather than having to store it, with a direct link to the supplier.


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  • I could make a fortune by selling T3 medicines.

    Trouble is:

    I'd need to get the product licensed. (Or remain forever an importer only.)

    I'd need to get a medicines importer's licence.

    I'd need to employ qualified people (not certain, but expect that would be at least a registered pharmacist).

    I'd need to have premises that conform to requirements (at the very least, air-conditioned and monitored storage facilities). Even if it is mostly in one door, out of the other.

    I'd need to set up a distribution network (even if just DPD or Hermes!).

    I'd need a very substantial insurance policy.

    I'd need to have an adequate administration process - for everything.

    What sounds simple enough actually isn't. It would still be worth doing except that everything could change overnight - for example, if Sanofi or Sanofi Deutschland entered the UK market and wiped out sales overnight.

    Someone with real experience of how this sort of operation runs might see how it could be done on a shoestring.

  • I was thinking more as a hub for importing, therefore not having the cost and complication of an actual business.

  • Any dealing in prescription-only medicines requires licences.

    We are only allowed to import without a licence for the use of ourselves and our households.

    Simply saying "I'm doing it for a, b, and c", I fear, would not wash with anyone who investigated. I can't imagine a way of making it work. That could be a failure of my imagination.

    Yes - I can see how someone could try to do this as an almost-hidden operation. For example, going to buy in person from Greece. But once we leave the EU, who knows what barriers there might be?

    Yes - I can see that someone could simply pass orders on to a foreign company. Starts to get difficult to see how that would be legal. And if legal, how it could be done at a profit (because you cannot set things up to make a loss). Thyroid UK is a charity and this type of trading would wake the charity commissioners up.

  • Clearly a silly suggestion, sorry folks just trying to help.

  • No, not silly, just over optimistic! We're all with you in wishing that there could be a relatively simple solution to this problem! :)

  • Shelley1954,

    You might have realised from the speed of my response that I have mulled this over many times. I have often thought whether it would be feasible but would need a detailed discussion with a pharmacist and a lawyer before doing anything at all.

    The idea is most excellent. The reality, so far as I can see, rather more dismal. :-(

  • Of course, but please be mindful of forum posting guidelines, especially nos. 6,7 and 23

  • Yes, as long as their response is polite, constructive and not abusive.

  • Just wondering where do the gyms and online bodybuilding sites get it from and openly sell it?

    It seems it's readily available to them but not for the actual people it is made for.

    It's not fair!!!

  • As it's illegal to sell prescription only medicines in the UK, not only are gyms and body building sites breaking the law, who knows whether the T3 they are selling is genuine?

  • I get all that, but they still do it and get away with it.

    It seems it's just highly controversial when it is being used for it rightful purpose.

    It's understandable why people wonder why the bodybuilding industry are prepared to risk it but not one company/ organisation risk it for us...profit again at the end of the day!!

    I know it's all the legal stuff but still not fair!!

  • As I have related before, some of the people at a gym I know were prosecuted in relation to a death from drugs/medicines supplied.

    They were breaking the law on medicines and non-medicine drugs. A tragic outcome. I certainly would not trust the products they sell.

    A lot of apparently UK-based websites are actually links for operations based abroad. Having a Union Flag, UK contact details, etc., doesn't place them geographically or legally in the UK.

  • I was listening to a broadcast overnights (sleepless, as usual) a couple of months ago.

    It was an athlete being interviewed about banned drugs .

    Liothyronine was mentioned and she said " It's made available to anyone that want them ." Easily available in training settings.

    She, a know competitor, had used them but said she had stopped because of its banned use age in competition. .

  • Why not write to the Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA) a government body which apparently listens to complaints by the public. I wrote my complaint yesterday. Said T3 Liothyronine being so expensive and now CCG's are refusing to prescribe it for many people who need it to be well. Mention Mercury Pharma hiking prices since they bought out, though the history of liothyronine is complicated. You can refer back to the Times newspaper article about prescription drug prices being hiked massively (haven't got a link but you can google it). Also I added the prices of T3 in other countries.

    I hope these links work properly. If not I will try to put them up again.

  • What a good idea Ann Simpson

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