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Annual blood results

Hello everyone

I have just had my annual test GP blood results and would welcome your comments. I'm wondering about my HbA1c LTG which seems rather near the top of range? But I'm not sure what this means and should I query it? The note on the test result say 'normal no action'

HbA1c 5.9 (4.00-6.10%)

HbA1c level-IFCC standardised 41 (20.00-43.00mmol/mol)

Free T4 16 (9.00-25.00)

TSH 0.42 (0.30-5.00)

Many thanks

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Hi Linkit, this measures glucose during the last three months.  Yours is on the high side of normal.  If you are anemic, it could look higher than it is.  Your TSH is excellent although your FT4 isn't exactly optimal.    It would be good to see your free T3 levels.

This tells the relationship between the adrenals and glucose.


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