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Continued latest Blood Results

Continued ( sorry hit wrong button)

According to the print off after the HbA1c the results state Normal no action required

There are comments then which say

Less than 58 mmol/mol control Good

58 - 74 mmol/mol control Moderate

75 mmol/mol or higher control Poor the lower the HbA1c, the lower the risk of diabetes complications. In undiagnosed patients a HbA1c result > 41 mmol/ml should be considered as high risk of having diabetes in accordance with WHO guidance.

Vitamin D (PR11685) - low vit d script. 46.6 nmol/L 50.00 - 125.00 nmo/L

Done complete course

Report Comments

Note new method for Vit D from 1/6/2015

Serum 250HD of 30-50 nmol/L may be inadequate in some people for guidance on treatment see nos.org.uk/document.doc?id=...

I am a bit dubious as thus page given by the doctor says pages one of two but I was only given the one page.

A prescription for vitamin D was left for me I.e. Hux D3 20,000 unit capsules which says take one three times per week. I really don't understand this as my doctor prescribed D3 for me approx three months ago which I gave been taking one in the morning and one at night as prescribed!

I would like to come off the thyroxine and try something different as I have been on this drug for the last ten years and don't feel well at all i,e. Chronic fatigue aches and pains, bad migraines, three stone in weight gain, depression, itchy skin, I could go on.

Someone please come back to me and confirm that my blood tests show there is something wrong.

Thank you in anticipation and frustration especially with the doctors


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Hello Gwendoline,

Someone else will look at this is more detail, but my first thought is that your Free T3 is very low in the range

'Serum free T3 level. Normal no action required. 3.7 pool/L. 3.50 - 6.50 pool/L'

This means that the thyroxine (T4) is not converting to T3 as it should.

T4 is an inactive hormone which just waits to be converted to T3, the active version. If there's not enough T3 in your blood cells when you need it you will feel very tired and have symptoms of underactive thyroid - which is what you describe.

Also your TSH is high - in fact just above the range

'Serum TSH level. 5.6 mU/L. 0.35 - 5.50 mU/L'

this means that the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is working hard to get more out of your thyroid and not succeeding.

With a TSH as high as this despite being treated you are not on an adequate dose. In my opinion you need a higher dose of thyroxine with some additional T3 or ideally get NDT which has both and more.

So all that 'no action required' stuff is rubbish.

Have you seen an endocrinologist?

Go back to your doctor and fight for better treatment.

Good luck.

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Anthea55 I could kiss you, for so long now I have felt really ill, so tired and for the last two years depression I've only had this doctor for the past twelve months as I moved house but I have no confidence I saw an endo ten years ago when I first started with thyroid problems I was told I would require either surgery to remove the thyroid or radio active iodine which is what I went with and put three stone in weight on!

Initially, I want to feel well get my energy levels up so I can do all the things I used to, be able to sleep at night instead of wanting to sleep all afternoon, get rid of my depression and if possible get rid of the weight, do you think this would be possible with the correct medication.

I am so thankful to you I'm beginning to despise all doctors which is unfair as I suppose there are some good ones out there it's just finding them. If there is anyone out there that might know of a sympathetic doctor I live in Up Holland, Skelmersdale I would be eternally grateful.

Sincere thanks again and have a great Christmas.

Oh just before I sign off would a Gluten free diet help me?


Many of us find that a gluten free diet is helpful. Even if not sensitive to gluten, many of us are sensitive to wheat. I'm sensitive to wheat, oats and potatoes. It took me a long time to identify the potato problem - they make my mouth and lips swell.

Read as much as you can about thyroid problems. Have you looked at the ThyroidUK website? It's a mine of information. There are also several really helpful books which you'll find listed there.


It might be worth asking your local pharmacist if they know which doctors seem to understand thyroid problems.


Hi Anthea55

Well some good news I saw my doctor today (I went in determined not to be fobbed off) but not too over the top to rub his back up I played in his sympathy and said, I know my blood results are through but I have joined Thyroid UK the forum and learnt a great deal, I would like you to read this and I gave him your information on my results, I was flabbergasted when after he read it he said what do yo want to do, I replied I am sick of feeling like this, I want my life back, I said I want your help give me a different medication or up the medication plus include T3 he said I can't I was just about to lose my rag when he said I haven't got enough knowledge you need to see an endocrinologist is that what you want I said if I get my health back YES! So I am now waiting for an appointment. Would you increase my thyroxine to help me feel better in the meantime or leave it until I have seen him or her?

I am so grateful to you I can actually look forward to the New Year now.

Kind regards and best wishes


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Well done!


It can take time to get an appointment with the endo. Meanwhile do follow up the advice you've been given on increasing your B12.

By the way, if you hit the wrong button and haven't finished your post, I think you can go back in and edit / carry on with it. Mind you, I've never tried it myself.



Can I get the B12 from the Chemist or Health food shop or do I need a prescription and how much do you suggest I take?

Many thanks



Sorry, I don't know about that.

Marz gave you information and a link in answer to the first part of your post, so I suggest you repeat that question to Marz.


I'd aim for no less than this level: 100-150 nmol.




My HbA1c was 40 a year ago but 58 last week. I was told a year ago that I had not got diabetes but yesterday I had. If I had been told a year ago to take advice on how to prevent diabetes I would have. The lab ranges were not given as detailed as yours ,just 20-42 then somethin about up to 48.

Again normal did not mean that I needed to do nothing!


I self diagnosed as Diabetic the week before Christmas.( I was drinking 7.0L and urinating nearly 8.0L every day.)

Blood tests later revealed blood sugar level 26.8 and HbA1c was 138

The lab report said an HbA1c level of 49 or over is Diabetes .

I would strongly recommend you speak to your Dr asap about reducing your blood sugar levels . They will probably prescribe Glicazide


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