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Blood test results

I've recently had a copy of my blood test results from January, my GP has said that all are normal. As far as I can see the only thyroid related ones are 

TSH receptor antibody level which is <0.4

TSH + FT4 serum free T4 14.9

Serum TSH  2.5

There is no mention of T3 

I believe these are all in normal range 

Should I push for a T3 test 


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Don't worry about 'confused' we were all the same at one time.

For the reason that labs throughout the country use different machines the ranges can also be different. If you have the ranges iand to add them on if you press the down arrow then edit you can add the ranges, if you have them. I'd say your TSH might be too high yet, 1 or lower suits most of us.


Morning Mrsbear.  There will be others along more knowledgeable than myself shortly.  It would be helpful if you could post the ranges for the results you've got but I would say that most folks feel well with a TSH around or below the 1.0 mark.  Mine was 2.48 last year and my T4 close to yours and I felt awful.  You will have difficulty getting treated on the NHS until your TSH rises above 10 unfortunately.

I'm guessing your GP hasn't tested for B12, Vit D, folate or ferritin - low levels of these often go hand in hand with a rising TSH and all contribute to feeling really ill.  There were lots of good links given by folks in your last post - have you thought about getting the tests done privately if your GP isn't being co-operative?

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