Which private test to have done? I need this nightmare over :-(

I usually do my tests with Blue Horizon and have their full panel done, I think thyroid plus 10 and plus 6 i have also had done. I only had the thyroid plus 10 done on March 7th and need a re test now. Do I really need the full panel again, or can I just go for the TSH and FT4?  It's cheaper for a start ;-) I will show my recent tests. This is my last test before GP will treat me, he wants 3 tests showing a consecutive rise in TSH as it's gone from 5.35, 6.54 and 7.51 recently. FT4 is rising which is strange and I did post a few days ago about how desperate I am feeling. I am crashing most days, feeling weak, fatigued, anxious about how I feel, I get anxious going out and rarely go anywhere due to how weak and fatigued I feel, my GP has to come to my house :-( My life has been turned upside down. I hadn't suffered anxiety for a while and worked so hard to overcome my anxiety disorder caused by my brother attacking me in 2012. Then my ill health started last year, being told I was just anxious again and maybe depressed because I was so fatigued and weak every day. My GP has finally listened that I am crashing and in bed all day if I do too much housework, too much yoga, too much walking my dog, or a day trip out floors me. I need this test to show another rise so I can start on the road to recovery. I have 3 children that need me :-(

Also, I used medicheck recently as I needed my HBA1C repeating, their service was great and very fast. Has anyone used them for thyroid tests?

Thank you


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  • For the sake of consistency of reading between machines and labs, I wonder if you might be best advised to stick with the same lab (BH) for this final set of thyroid measurements for your GP?

  • Yes that is true but if the labs have the same range then that shouldn't be a problem? 

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