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Which tests to get done?

I'm going to be in Poland this weekend where it is relatively cheap to have blood tests. If I am going to have a thyroid panel done, should this cover it:

TSH, FT3, FT4 and antibodies?

I notice the lab also does T3 and T4 as well as RT3. I have no idea if these are worth doing.

Am currently on low dose thyroxine but once the meds arrive will be switching to t3 only for Euthyroid Hashimoto's (only have raised anti-bodies at the mo). This change won't happen before these bloods are done though.

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I would definitely recommend getting the reverse T3 done. I'm not convinced about the need for Total T4 or Total T3.

I had a reverse T3 test which came back well over the range and it persuaded me that sticking to T4 only was unlikely to get me well. I currently take T3 only.


Thanks Humanbean


T4 and T3 give you no useful information, not Worth the bother. Make sure you get the TPOab AND the TgAB done for antibodies.

Getting vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin would be a good idea, too. :)


Thanks Greygoose. Had B12, folate done and they were fine. Ferritin was low. What is iron called on the blood test. I don't recall seeing iron though had full floods done recently.


Iron is iron - serum iron. But they Don't usually test it, just ferritin. Most doctors think it's the same thing.

Do you have the actual figures of the B12 test? Was it over 500, not just 'in range'? Optimal is 1000.


I don't have them to hand but B12 was about 400. I also tested B12 at a clinic in London that uses a different technique and it was very high. I currently take a B complex tab which includes B12. Ferritin was 25 where the range is20-300 or something like that so I have started taking ferrous fur mate even though the doc said I'm in range. This word 'optimal' doesn't seem to matter to gps. I'll see if I can get serum iron done in Warsaw. I'm sure its possible.


They Don't even know what optimal means! As long as everything is in range, they Don't care. 400 is a bit low, I Don't know about the other test, but I know there is a new one that can be done now. Does your B complex contain methylcobalamin? Because if it's the cyanocobalamin, you won't be able to absorb it. Not sure there would even be enough in it to make a difference. Good that you're taking some iron with a level like that! They just have no idea.


yes, I did that new test at St Thomas in London. No it doesn't contain methylated B12 but seomthing like cyan stuff. I must change that. No idea who makes it with the methylated though. Hope the health shop can advise. Thank you.


I use Jarrows Formula Methylcobalamin 5000mcg per day. I'm about to reduce to 1000mcg per day of the same stuff.

Solgar do the same product as above.

For other B vitamins, I use Thorne Basic B Complex which contains most B vitamins in their activated/methylated form which is the easiest for the body to absorb.

All the above mentioned products can be bought on Amazon. I've no doubt there are plenty of other good sources too.


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