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Slightly Worried

Hi all,It's been a while since I've been on here,really because the thyroid is a mystery to me,so I would be of no help to anyone.

But I am slightly worried as my Endocrinologist has discharged me without explaining much to me. When this all began I was told I had an Underactive thyroid,but as time has gone on the words kept getting longer,Parathyroid,hyPOparathyroidism,hyperparathyroidism,then the last time I seen him he never really gave me answers, I said "so I'm now back to Underactive thyroid" he said "no" so I asked what then and he just talked in a manner I never understood.

But the fact that he discharged me,worried me after all this up and down stuff,I now don't really know what I do have.  One sentence in my letter states " She remains asymptomatic from a calcium point of view" my calcium was 2.32,albumin38,alkaline phosphatase 57, and adjusted calcium 2.29, TSH normal at 1.02 and vitamin D 67.2. 

So what can anyone make of that,the discharging me surprised me,since according to him I've been all over the place. When I asked him,how do I keep a check on things ,he said your GP will keep an eye on you. Well that's just a joke.  Can anyone explain any of this to me please,I would be very grateful.

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If you have a follow-up appointment with your GP then it might be useful if you ask what symptoms/signs should prompt you to request further evaluation? And I would hope that your GP can give you a clearer explanation as to your current state of play (so to speak) as to whether you have a thyroid or parathyroid issue or if the suspicion is that this is normal *for you*.

It reads like you have a set of clinical results that vary and the endocrinologist's current assessment is that either this is normal for you as an individual or the fluctuation makes it difficult to make a diagnosis that makes sense of your results and that in the absence of this there is nothing else that can be pursued *at present*.

I haven't consulted an endocrinologist but I feel somewhat of a kindred spirit with your results. I had some blood work two years ago and more in March of this year that bear some resemblance to your results. (2014 I had high-normal levels of calcium and alkaline phosphatase but a vitamin D level wasn't measured. This year, I have a normal level of alkaline phosphatase, the serum calcium wasn't measured for some reason, but I have a low level of vitamin D. I don't have obvious symptoms of either high or low calcium levels.)

I hope that your GP can give you some reassurance and useful guidance.


Thank you,for your reply.


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