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i have been taking t3 (lyothyrine) from gp at 50mcg per day but never feel well on it. neither did i feel well on thyroxine. i spoke to dr peatfield a couple of years ago and he recommended cynomel from mexico which i ordered. i have 3 pots of it and have started taking it and feel better. i bought it over a year ago but as i got prescription for t3 from gp never took it. i have just looked up mexican pharmacy where i bought from and its discontinued so where can i buy it. it is by grossman. 


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I think they have stopped making it....  There have been several posts on here about it and people have had to find  alternatives.


Too bad, as I may have to take this. Are there many alternative brands?


Yes there are quite a few.....  I dont use the stuff anymore so am not the best person to advise.....    I swapped to dessicated thyroid meds about 5 years ago...  Before that i used the nhs t3 mainly.


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