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Can anyone tell me how they cut their Cynomel 25mcgs up without it crumbling. I can get by cutting it up in half but then it crumbles if I try to cut the half into quarters. Just starting it so starting on a low dose. Any suggestions please? Someone had mentionned a pill cutter, what is this and where can I get it from.

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Hello Marmaris

I have been taking t3 for approx 6 weeks now. We have a pill cutter from Boots

Called safe and sound. I think it was about three pounds. It is difficult to get them

into exact quarters as they are so small but more or less accurate.

Good luck with the T3.


Hello Heritage many thanks for that I will get one from Boots. How are you getting on with the T3 my first day today. How much do you take and which one? Did your doctor give you it or did you buy it yourself? Are you taking Levo also? What is your history? Thanks for the Info. Regards Diane


I am taking 20 microgram Goldshield four times a day. I take the first one when I wake up round about 6ish - 11ish - 4ish - before bed. I just take T3 having not been good on Levo.

To be honest my nice lady doctor prescribed my T3 on NHS without my asking. I know I am


I certainly feel much better than I did with the levo as had all sorts of problems. I have more energy and not so anxious now. My tingling and numb burning leg seems have sorted itself out too. I do have other health things going on so never really feel

great but am better with the T3 for sure.

I do try not to eat an hour before or after each pill, not always easy when taking it four times a day.

Hope things work out for you. All the best.



sorry just read my reply to you and did not make myself clear. Should be 20 in total -

one 20 cut into 4. Hope that's clear now. Apologies.



Thank you for that. Did you come directly off Levo? As I am trying it while still on Levo, some advise to and some say not? I guess that everyone is different. It's just that what does did you take of Levo? Did you just stop it straight away without reducing> Is that what your doctor advised? Sorry for all the questions it's just that some say one way and some say another, although I know and realize that we are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another....


This is how things went for me, probably not best for most people (I am sure I am not normal) lol:-

Prescribed low dose of levo to start 50 and felt lousy, kept taking it for about

3 months and worse than before I started. As it was such a low dose doc said

to try without anything and see how things go. Was fine for a couple of weeks

then back to square one. Doc said try T3 and see how you feel on that. Had

blood test last week and TSH was a lot better at 3.13 from previous test

at 6.06.

Please try to ask your doc how best way forward for you. It might not be good

for you to just stop levo in one go.

To be honest I feel so confused with all the different things I get its difficult to know what's this darn thyroid and what's not.

Hopefully someone on here with much better understanding can advise you.Take Care and good luck.



Many thanks Heritage I have had this for 18 years now and well versed in the subject believe me it would take two books to write my history. Hope that all goes well for you. Diane


Try an old fashioned razor blade. Because they are so thin, the tablet doesn't crumble - unlike pill cutters. Do it in good light and you'll be accurate enough.


Thank you for that where do I buy the old fashioned razor blade?


In a pharmacy or chemist (whatever they are called in the country where you live) in the men's shaving section. Normally 5 in a very small packet (or maybe on a blister card). Original brand used to be something like Wilkinson Sword.


thanks for that swmartin, yest I seem to remember my Dad using these. I will look out for them.


I found out quite by accident that having damp hands stopped my T3 from crumbling. I had just done the washing up and dried my hands on a towel but they were still damp when I took out that nights T3 tablet and put it in my pill cutter. The pill cut cleanly with no crumbling so after that I always had damp hands when cutting my pills. I must stress that they were damp and not wet as wet hands could cause trouble with the potency of your T3.

Moggie x


Many thanks for that Moggie. How long does it take for the T3 to take effect (Ihave started Cynomel Mexican)? Only been a couple of days. Taking quarter doses of 25mcgs. I have noticed that I get a warm feeling in my chest and overall body?


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