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does anyone know when this is coming back, or where else i could get some,i have been waiting for ages.

i was told this is the best brand. i am not taking anything and am getting worse.

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Stormx, Since January they have been saying it would be available end of April but I saw a post last night which said it wouldn't be available until sometime in June. If you want to try other brands send me a PM.



I am sorry you are taking no thyroid hormones at present which will make you feel much worse, although initially you might feel better without it. You must get treatment until you source T3. We can cause other damage if we stop taking any hormones but I fully realise why you've done so.

The quicker you source T3 the better. I think any is better than none at all.


yes I need to get some from somewhere


Have you sent a Private Message to Clutter. All you have to do is click on her name. Then on the right-hand side you will see 'Send Message' - click on this and send message which is private between you and Clutter, if you haven't already done so.



i sent her pm


Stormx, I replied before sending you the other PM. Have you received them?


Hi Clutter. Need to find urgent replacement

for Mexican <Admin deleted> T3 (like everyone else it

seems !). Finding reliable supplier is one

thing, but I need to find alternative Brand that I

might be able to take. I have sensitives &

the Mexican Cynomel was advised as wheat free & with less fillers than others. Any advice where I can

start to search for a Brand ? Years ago now,

I did refer to a website that listed supplements

with ingredients - but can't find anything now.

Any advice really appreciated please. Or by

PM. Thanks


QUE6T-33, please stop mentioning the name of the Mexican site on the forum. I PMd you a reminder of posting guideline #23 yesterday and listed alternative sources of T3 in the message. Let me know if you haven't received it and I'll resend.


I'm so sorry Clutter, I didn't think I had !

I can refer to as Mexican T3 ?


Yes, I found it - apologies....


QUE6T-33, Mexican T3, Mexican Cynomel, or any brand name but not the name of sites :)


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