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Hi all,

I worry that my daughter may have a thyroid related disease, because she says she is always hungry and has enormous amounts of food (I know the most obvious route would be our GP for blood tests but believe me there is no point in wasting time just yet as I need to amour myself with a defence beforehand..they are useless.  I get so much more helpon this site).  She doesnt have many other obvious signs of TD symptoms or related symptoms except for acid reflux, but has had recurrent bouts of candida since last year.  She also has scoliosis.  Does anyone know whether candida can be related to thyroid disorders?

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  • Hi Shaz, a lot of people with thyroid issues also have gut problems and it may be that issues with the gut will eventually lead to thyroid problems but I don't personally think its the other way round.   Acid reflux is a sign of low stomach acid not high stomach acid as your doctor might want to tell you (before he prescribes proton pump inhibitors) so perhaps taking some HCL might increase acidity.  As for candida this is another sign that the gut is out of balance, I am not an expert on how to deal with that except one of the best things your daughter could start with is to cut out all sugar, it is food for candida and reduce carbs.  Increase good fats, oils and protein.    

  • Many thanks Jan.

  • Could it Be B12 ? - an excellent book by Sally Pacholok - worth reading.  She has also written another about children and low B12.

    The above website is packed with information about B12 - so you will know more than your GP - when eventually you meet.   Low B12 can affect the gut and stomach ....

    There is private testing available through Thyroid UK .... a thyroid package and the important vitamins and minerals that are usually low.

  • Thank you Marz.

  • When I was young (many moons ago)I was always hungry, ate massive meals and was really skinny. Turns out I have coeliacs disease which is gluten intolerance. Many people with hypothyroidism have problems with gluten. For me the gluten prevents absorption so in early stages, before I knew I had an intolerance, I was often hungry. A blood test can check for coeliacs. May be worth asking about. Good luck

  • Thank you Debra.

  • Im so very grateful for all your help....lifesavers allways x

  • I'm curious to know more about your daughter and her scoliosis. My niece has a severe case and I'm trying to prove it is thyroid related but don't have enough to give them reason to believe except that our entire family has thyroid disorders

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