Systemic candidiasis ??

Hi everyone, I've not been on Thyroid forum before, only Rheumatoid Arthritis one, but I was disagnosed with underactive thyroid years ago, taken levothyroxine ever since. Been reading a lot about the theories that all inflammation starts in the gut, and because I also get a lot of what I think is bloating (but am also worried could be liver problem ??) , I went to a local chiropractor/dietician a few weeks ago, and told her whole story, all symptoms etc. She immediately said I've "probably" got too much candida fungus in my stomach which is certainly possible because I DO eat a lot of sugary stuff. She put me on very restricted diet, but also prescribed herbal capsules which actually seem to make me feel worse. Am now worrying that I should maybe have asked a GP for a proper test first.... can anyone tell me if GPs DO test for systemic candidiasis, or will they not take it seriously? Is there a blood test? Can you "cure" the candida out of your gut with nothing but diet? Or do I need actual antifungal medication like Nystatin? Help!! Thanks in advance to anyone who might reply. Sheena.

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  • Just going sugar free or cutting down sugar can cause die off symptoms or just feeling rotten. Herbal capsules should not be that bad, naturally some of them are just a hoax.

    You might not have candida but implementing restricted diet is always tough for your system.

  • I would like to know answer to that question too. I have constNt bloating gas and stomach upset have had all kinds of tests to no avail as to cause. Also have hypothyroidism. Wish I could help you. But I've tried everything myself with no results. Even have gone gluten free. Hope you find the answer. If you do I would appreciate if you could let me know. Hope you feel better.

  • I bought some betain from nature's best did it for a week. Then everyother day. I felt it cured my bloating and leaky gut. But I was back on all levo but stopped as hair was falling out and I am trailing throid S. Doing ok early days if doesn't work i am going back on all t3.

    Some people do ok on levo if itis no more than 75/100. But if you have no thyroid like me and doctors give you175 -200 then you will bloat and get fat. Need t3.


  • Hi thanks for quick response. I have bought betain with pepsin. Don't think I understand how to use it. Are you supposed to take with alleals or meals containing protein? Thanks again. Stay well.

  • Nanny23,

    Take Betaine Pepsin before meals. If you are eating a very high protein meal you may need to take additional Betaine before the meal.

  • Thanks Clutter will try. I'm desperate .

  • Betain aids protein digestion. Take 1 tablet with meals 3x .

    The stomach produces hydrolchloric acid. This is important for effective digestion by enzymes and for killing pathogenic bacteria present in food. People who are hypo have this problem where there is not enough stomach acid causing leaky gut and diarrohea.

    even people with ok thyroid can have this problem it's an age thing as well

    pepsin includes is 5mg. Pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down protein In food. For us to utilise properly. People who are hypo need more protein than carbohydrates.

  • Thanks that explains it better will now start taking it again I just read on a Web site all my symptoms could be related to hypo thyroid . All my bloating gas and stomach issues were mentioned in article. But neither my g p or stomach dr mentioned this. Guess I shouldn't be surprised they seem to know so little about thyroid gland. I would venture to guess I'm more educated than they are from learning on this site alone. Thanks so much to you and this site for all your help

  • scotslass333

    In terms of treatment, there's no 'one size fits all' answer to dealing with candida/yeast problems. GPs generally are not knowledgeable about this, nor are they interested and are likely to dismiss the very idea outright. So unless you have a very open minded GP, you're unlikely to get any help through a conventional medical system.

    You might find the information on Dr Myhill's website helpful

    Chris Kresser has some thoughts on treating candida here

  • Thanks Red apple, I've read a lot of Chris Kresser's Paleo stuff, only problem is that I found something on his site a couple of days ago, where he said - on the subject of candida - "Don't guess - Test " !! Easier said than done in the UK?!

  • I agree, easier said than done in the UK. But then again, he makes a living from this and no doubt that includes a profit from selling tests, so it's in his interest to promote testing.

    I would think going sugar free, carb free and dairy free for a while is at least a starting point. If you can drop all the candida baddies and start to see some improvements (they say you can feel worse for a while before you feel better of course, so need to allow time for that aspect) then that's an indication that you do have a problem.

    Perhaps also taking a short course of anti-fungals (available OTC in small quantities from pharmacies in the UK, and online) would provide some evidence too. If you don't have candida then presumably you'd not notice any improvement?

    Yeast/candida problems are very common in thyroid people, most especially those who've been untreated or under treated for a long period of time. Lack of thyroid hormone leads to low stomach acid which provides a wide open doorway for bacterial infection and yeast overgrowth. Even when thyroid hormones are balanced with appropriate medication, we are still left to deal with the aftermath of candida, food intolerances etc that we didn't have before.

  • That makes a lot of sense

  • Hi there, I'm going through this right now - curing Candida - and you are correct it all comes down to our gut. If you have Hashimotos you most likely have 'leaky gut' which you will need to heal - The Paleo diet or even better Autoimmune Paleo diet will help you. I went to a Fubctional Doctor who discovers my Candida along with intolerances to gluten, dairy and sugar. In my opinion conventional medicine can not help with the 'how' of your condition- GPs only treat the symptoms - Functional Doctors look for the root cause.

    You need to find out what your triggers are and cut out sugar - bone broths, stews, soups will help heal along with Pro and Pre-Biotics.

  • Interesting!what is a bone broth and where do you get it? That makes a lot of sense

  • Cook a chicken eat the gelatine and then boil the bones. You can now get gluten free stock cubes or veggie ones.

  • Thanks will do

  • I just make mine at home Nanny23 - I cook a whole chicken and then use the bones for broth - I ad carrot, celery and onion with some herbs and just plain water and let it cook away. I then use the broth for various different meals or you could just have it on its own 👍🏼

  • GP testing for Candida is as unreliable as there tests for Thyroid, however I would recommend the Leon Chaitow Book called Candida Albicans - It is a real eye opener and lists all the many symptoms you can get (not just the obvious ones) There are also protocols in there, if the case of candida is a bad one that has gone on a long time then probotics alone will not be enough to do the job.

    Nystatin is going to make the Candida worse in the long run, if you still have Candida when you stop treatment it will flare up and be much worse than before. Lots of things need to be put into place - diet, differen't supplements (not just one probotic, which is what is normally recommended.

    When the treatment starts working (this is a slow process) you will start to get dye off symptoms, when you do you will need something to help the liver to help deal with the Toxins caused from the Dye off.

    Best wishes


  • In America the doctors are absolutely horrible. They are only concerned with their pay. I have suffered odd symptoms for some time. I am still suffering. I do hope you will follow the great advice offered by Justina, nanny 23, kjc1tisdell, clutter, k1k1_belle, kitten-wiskers, and RedApple. They really sound like they know what is taking place in the body.

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