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Urine incontinence and Hypothyroid Is it Related

I am hypothyroid 13_14 yrs now and for about a year I have been having a few problems with day and night time urine frequency and slight incontinence which can be annoying and really embarassing

The night time urine urgency is driving me mad,

When I walk the dog if she pulls on the lead it makes me wet myself a tiny bit and after a half mile walk home the other day I had overflowed my panty pad how it so embarrassing having to walk with a huge wet patch, I have no infections all checked.

Do others get this and is it thyroid related, I had internal and no prolapse and no obvious reasons for this ,( I haven't had children and I do pelvic exercises but this does not help.

When I had T3 added in December all this went away but in the last month or maybe longer this urgency and incontinence has all returned much to my horror.

My GP said tell Endo I'm seeing today about how T3 had helped at 1st and he may adjust my dosing, she seemed to think it was thyroid related.

I did try a tablet for this which I had an adverse reaction to as I do many pro drugs

Do any of you suffer from this problem, I'm 54 and should not be wetting my self at this age and no weakness through having kids so can't understand why this is happening to me. And can only assume this is another side affect from Levothyroxine .

Any advice or just your story on it will be apprieciated , Thank you :)

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How's your level of B12? It's recognised that low B12 can be an issue

And vitamin D apparently also linked (didn't know that)

Ask GP to test B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D


Thanks SlowDragon My B12 was 398 last test , but having bloods done soon new B12, calcium and other tests , not sure what as it went electronically to surgery where they do the bloods, so do not have a form any more :(


Many of us on synthetic thyroid hormones get symptoms of low B12 if B12 is not right at top of range.

Get tested first, then consider supplementing B12 and Vitamin B complex



I’m 68 and have three children

Not much time to reply thoroughly but just to say that without the oestrogen only hrt patch I’m on .. low dose 37.5 .. I’m hopeless ... this makes total difference to me


I discovered the truth that grapefruit and even too much other citrus can start off symptoms LIKE cystitis .. I wouldn’t drink more than very small amount orange juice for example not eat more than one small orange at a time

Hope this helps .


Thanks Jollypolly

Im on Sandrena gel and have Marina coil for HRT, , I think it helps but not sure :) It was a bit late when given to me as had finished the change when i was about 42-43 so was past seats and all that, but it has made my boobs more full thats all i have noticed .. I will stay on that as heard those who come off it wish they never had..


I have found the same as jolly polly. Oestrogen hrt resolved what was a weak bladder issue.


Thanks lolajone it doesn't seem to help me, they upped my T3 today so hopefully that will help it )


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